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All Resident Evil 4 remake unlockables

Get a look at all the different Resident Evil 4 remake unlockables that you can earn and unlock with points during your playthroughs.

Resident Evil 4 remake unlockables: Saddler can be seen

There are a lot of Resident Evil 4 remake unlockables that can be earned and unlocked after you have beaten the game and by completing challenges. Each challenge completion will give you points which can be spent on these unlockables, some of which can give you a nice gameplay boost and make runs through the game easier.

So, if you are looking to shorten the Resident Evil 4 length or get through the Resident Evil 4 chapters, some of these may be worth going after. Additionally, if you enjoy just looking at the work Capcom put into Resident Evil 4, then some of the other unlockables may be worth spending your points on.

Resident Evil 4 remake unlockables

The Resident Evil 4 remake unlockables that can be purchased from the extra content shop in the game are:

  • 6 Costumes for Leon and Ashley
  • 20 Clothing items for Leon and Ashley
  • Chicago Sweeper weapon
  • Handcannon weapon
  • Primal Knife weapon
  • 13 Character models
  • 54 Enemy models
  • 28 Weapon models
  • 40 Item models
  • 53 Pieces of concept art

The hot ticket items in Resident Evil 4 are, of course, the costumes and clothing items for Leon and Ashley, allowing you to customise how they look and change certain aspects of their appearance. For a full overview of all the Resident Evil 4 remake costumes, our guide shows them all off.

Additionally, some of the weapons you can unlock are top-tier, so they are worth spending your points on and completing the objectives to get them. Some of them even make it onto our list of the best Resident Evil 4 remake weapons.

The other unlockables are all visual so they aren’t as worth spending you points on unless you are looking to completely do everything in the game. It is nice to see some of the enemy models up close, especially the bosses in the game. But, you are much better off grabbing the weapons or outfits if style is more up your alley than unique weapons.

You can see a video of all the unlockable models below from ‘Rubhen925’:

YouTube Thumbnail

That covers all the Resident Evil 4 remake unlockables of which there are more than you can count, so expect to spend a lot of time playing through the game on subsequent playthroughs if you are looking to get everything or some of the pricier upgrades. You can find more guides on the remake in our Resident Evil 4 walkthrough article.