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Resident Evil 4 Bolt Thrower guide

Get an overview of the Resident Evil 4 Bolt Thrower, a brand new weapon introduced in the remake that acts as a unique stealth and long-range tool

Resident Evil 4 Bolt Thrower: The Bolt Thrower can be seen

The Resident Evil 4 Bolt Thrower is a brand new weapon for the remake of the game that blends two weapons from the original while giving players a new stealth tool. It isn’t the strongest weapon in the game, however, it can be a huge lifesaver if you are looking to play the game with a stealth-focused gameplay style.

As you work your way through saving Ashley and meeting the other Resident Evil 4 remake characters throughout the Resident Evil 4 chapters, direct combat isn’t always the best option. The Bolt Thrower in Resident Evil 4 gives you an additional weapon, on top of your knife to either sneak past enemies or take them out without making a bunch of noise.

Resident Evil 4 Bolt Thrower

The Resident Evil 4 Bolt Thrower is a new weapon in the remake that allows you to fire quiet projectiles, immobilising enemies. These can be retrieved. The weapon can also be upgraded to fire mines at enemies.

Resident Evil 4 Bolt Thrower: Leon can be seen aiming the bolt thrower

The Bolt Thrower is the major new weapon in the game and mainly acts as an alternate way to play the game, allowing players to be more stealthy and not rely on using their pistol, instead opting to craft a build or playthrough using their knives and stealth takedowns.

Due to the nature of the immobilising rounds, the Bolt Thrower does not deal much damage, in fact, it does hardly any. So, you will need to rely on other weapons as well in certain scenarios or when facing off against the Resident Evil 4 remake bosses.

Resident Evil 4 Bolt Thrower upgrades

The Resident Evil 4 Bolt Thrower upgrades are:

  • Power – increase power and explosive range (five upgrade levels)
  • Ammo Capacity – increase ammo capacity (five upgrade levels)
  • Reload Speed – load multiple rounds at a time (five upgrade levels)
  • Rate of Fire – increase the rate of fire (five upgrade levels)
  • Exclusive Upgrade – increase ammo capacity by 2x

Out of all of these upgrades, you are really going to want to focus on Power, Ammo Capacity, and the Rate of Fire of the weapon. These are its weakest aspects and mean it isn’t too good in tight situations or when there are a lot of enemies. So, by boosting these you can make the stealth gun more effective all around.

It isn’t worth getting the exclusive upgrade for the gun when you can just upgrade the ammo capacity slightly. So, don’t go hunting down Resident Evil 4 Spinel specifically for this and upgrade something else.

That covers the brand new Resident Evil 4 Bolt Thrower. For even more on the weapons in the game, check out our list of the best Resident Evil 4 remake weapons and additional tips and guides to help you out in our Resident Evil 4 walkthrough.