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Is Remnant 2 coming to Xbox One?

If you're wondering if a Remnant 2 Xbox One release on the horizon then look no further, as we have all the latest news on Gunfire Games' upcoming sequel.

Remnant 2 Xbox One: a giant golem with four arms

Is Remnant 2 coming to Xbox One? It’s unsurprising that fans of Remnant From the Ashes would be on the lookout for any signs that its highly-anticipated sequel would find its way to last gen hardware. What we know for sure so far is that Gunfire Games’ Soulslike shooter will debut on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series. But will it also appear on Xbox One?

Before reading on, be sure to swot up on the Remnant 2 release date, and learn more about the Remnant 2 classes, as well as how Remnant 2 multiplayer co-op is going to work in what we hope could be one of the best co-op games of 2023.

Is Remnant 2 coming to Xbox One?

As it stands, the Remnant 2 will not be on Xbox One. According to the Introduction to the World of Remnant trailer – the latest glimpse at the game – PS5, Xbox Series, and PC are the only platforms listed for launch.

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With that said, Remnant 2 is being developed in Unreal Engine 4, as opposed to the latest version, perhaps leaving the door open for last gen support down the line. We would definitely advise against holding your breath though, as it looks like last gen support is progressively being phased out.

And that’s all we have on a potential Remnant 2 Xbox One launch for now. While we await further news, be sure to check out our best Xbox RPG games list for something new to play in the meantime. They might not all go pew-pew, but they could still be the games for you.