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Remnant 2 Morrow Parish safe, location, reward

Find out what the Remnant 2 Morrow Parish safe code is, including the location of the safe and the items you need to get it open as well as the reward inside.

Remnant 2 Morrow Parish Safe Code: The character can be seen

Looking for the Remnant 2 Morrow Parish safe? We’ve got it right here so you know where you can find this locked container in the Losomn region, as well as the clues that help you open the Remnant 2 Morrow Parish safe code. It is a bit more complicated than just simply finding the code in a notebook.

With Remnant 2 now available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or PC, you can end up in Losomn and find this code for yourself. While exploring alone or with friends in Remnant 2 multiplayer, you’ll likely come across it or one of the clues and want to open it. This solution was obtained during our Remnant 2 review playthrough.

Remnant 2 Morrow Parish safe code

The Remnant 2 Morrow Parish safe code is 2971. This code will be given to you after you find three stolen-carved dolls in Losomn and talk them to the women behind the door in the area. 

Remnant 2 Morrow Parish Safe Code: The code can be seen

Remnant 2 Morrow Parish safe and stone-carved dolls location

The safe is quite easy enough to spot in Morrow Parish, as it’s in the first-floor office. However, solving the clues to open it requires more effort, as you need to acquire the aforementioned three Stone-carved Dolls which are in the following locations:

  • Behind a shelf in the second-floor study
  • Along the side of the front yard next to some rubble
  • Behind some white curtains in the large room on the third floor

Remnant 2 Morrow Parish Safe Code: The Stone-carved doll can be seen

Once you’ve found the three Stone-carved Dolls, you’ll have to make your way to the basement. If you check one of the doors, you’ll hear a woman speaking (the same person that you can hear while you’re in the room with the safe).

Choose to reply with “I have something of yours,” but do not open the door yet. After giving all three dolls, the woman will start singing. You can also ask her to repeat her song via dialogue. In our playthrough, she mentioned:

“Two shiny copper teeth removed from / nine discarded combs, and / seven yellowed leaves excised from / one forgotten tome.”

Remnant 2 Morrow Parish Safe Code: The door with the woman can be seen

Remnant 2 Morrow Parish safe reward

Upon opening the Morrow Parish safe, you will receive the Double Barrel, a handgun that deals a lot of damage.

Here are its stats:

  • Damage: 110
  • Rounds-per-second: 2.3
  • Magazine: 2

As you may have noticed, the Double Barrel packs quite a punch. Unfortunately, with only two magazines in the chamber, you need to make those shots count. Otherwise, you could find yourself at the mercy of your foes if you need to reload.

That’s the Remnant 2 Morrow Parish safe code. Since you’re probably in Morrow Sanatorium at this stage, you could check out our Remnant 2 Nightweaver boss guide to see what you can expect from the fight. For other tips, you can visit our Remnant 2 walkthrough article.