Epic Rainbow Six Siege TLOU concept throws Joel and Ellie into FPS

A talented 3D artist has created a concept for a Rainbow Six Siege crossover with Naughty Dog's The Last of Us, it's exactly what the tactical FPS game needs.

Rainbow Six Siege The Last of Us bundle fan concept: an image of Joel from TLOU and Ela from the FPS game

Whether you’re someone who likes to spend their hard-earned money on R6 Credits in Rainbow Six Siege or not, we think it’s safe to say that Ubisoft has introduced some pretty great crossover cosmetics to its’ tactical FPS. From a Tomb Raider elite skin for Ash to Hibana and Vigil skins inspired by the Netflix series Money Heist, Ubisoft isn’t afraid to draw on all forms of media to deliver fantastic collaborative content to Rainbow Six Siege players. However, that doesn’t mean Ubisoft has cashed in on every good collaboration – in fact, we’d argue it has barely scratched the surface. Why? Well, one talented 3D artist has drawn up a concept for a crossover with The Last of Us and we want to spend R6 Credits on it immediately.

Throughout the last month or so, 3D artist and Rainbow Six Siege fan ‘Albytical‘ has created an operator bundle concept that transforms attacker Buck into Joel from TLOU and defender Ela into Ellie from TLOU Part 2.

Oh, and we’re not just talking about operator outfits either; we’re talking about complete bundles with the relevant weapon skins, charms, and gadget changes. If it was up to us, we’d get Ubisoft on the phone right now and make this happen.

As you can see below, the proposed Buck operator bundle for the Rainbow Six Siege TLOU crossover would take inspiration from his appearance throughout the majority of The Last of Us Part 1 – where he is wearing a rucksack with a dirtied olive shirt and some jeans.

The C8-SFW assault rifle that Buck deploys with has been transformed into a weapon fit for The Last of Us with Joel’s broken wristwatch adorning the barrel and an unsuspecting spread of Cordyceps fungi sprouting from the main receiver of the weapon. Buck’s underbarrel shotgun, the Skeleton Key, has also recieved a little makeover to help it fit in with the aesthetic adopted by the rest of the bundle.

Rainbow Six Siege The Last of US bundle fan concept: an image of Buck as Joel in the FPS game

And, here’s a close-up of the weapon in question:

Rainbow Six Siege the last of us fan concept bunde: an image of an assault rifle from the FPS game

In a somewhat similar fashion, Albytical’s Ellie-inspired Ela bundle adopts her main appearance from The Last of Us Part 2. This concept also includes a mossy weapon skin for the Scorpion EVO 3 A1 submachine gun, her RG15 sidearm, and an alteration to the GRZMOT Mine gadget Ela takes advantage of. You can check it all out below – and in this tweet from Albytical here.

Rainbow Six Siege The Last of Us bundle fan concept: an image of Ela as Ellie from the FPS game

If you want a close-up of the outfit itself, we have you covered.

Rainbow Six Siege The Last of Us bundle fan concept: an image of Ela as Ellie from the FPS game

Interestingly, these aren’t the only renders out there showcasing what The Last of Us crossover bundles would look like in Rainbow Six Siege. ‘SketchyHedgey’, another 3D artist, has offered up concept art for an Abby-inspired Thorn operator bundle, a Dina-inspired Nomad bundle, and a Tess-inspired Ash operator bundle, too.

We’re not sure these secondary characters would ever make it into Rainbow Six Siege, as sad as that is, but you can check all of those out below:

Rainbow Six Siege The Last of Us bundle fan concept: an image of Dina, Tess, and Abby skins in the FPS game

We know HBO’s The Last of Us is finally telling a new story ten years in the making, but we don’t think it should stop there when it comes to expanding upon what’s on offer from Naughty Dog. We want crossover bundles in other games, for one, and this is a perfect example of where it could work quite well.

If you’re looking for a new Rainbow Six Siege skin, though, you can pick up a new one via Prime – and we have a deal you should look into below, if you don’t have an active Amazon Prime or Twitch Prime membership.

Oh, and if you need convincing, you might be interested to know that Rainbow Six Siege’s new free Kapkan skin was inspired by a “grinning adder snake”. We know that might not help you clamber up the Rainbow Six Siege ranks, but it’s very cool nonetheless.