Rainbow Six Siege’s new free Kapkan skin inspired by “grinning snake”

The Rainbow Six Siege fan artist behind the free Kapkan Twitch Prime skin you can get with Amazon Prime has shared some concept art of the free skin online.

Rainbow Six Siege free Kapkan skin Amazon Prime Gaming Twitch: an image of Kapkan in front of a new skin for the FPS game

If you’re looking to personalise your Rainbow Six Siege experience, you might already know that you can spend some R6 Credits on some fantastic in-game cosmetics. However, fans of Ubisoft’s tactical shooter can also pick up a slick free Kapkan skin from Twitch Prime Gaming with an active Amazon Prime memebership – for a limited time. If you’re interested, you might also be interested in the fact that the skin itself was inspired by a “grinning adder snake”. We know the latest Rainbow Six Siege Amazon Prime Gaming bundle is truly epic, but how cool is that?

Before that, though, some details – as we know you like free things. From March 14, until April 14, Rainbow Six Siege players with an active Amazon Prime membership (or Twitch Prime subscription), will be able to log onto the Rainbow Six Siege Amazon Prime Gaming page right here and claim a completely free Kapkan operator bundle – which comes with a Headgear, a Uniform, a 9x19VSN weapon skin, and a weapon charm.

Designed by the incredibly talented ‘LevaSoj‘, the bundle features a rather unique look for the Russian defender; he’s wearing a bright red beret, for one.

As you might imagine, LevaSoj has put quite a bit of work into this cosmetic – and there are quite a few details you might miss in the fast flurry of gameplay. After all, there is a lot going on if you’re trying to clamber up the Rainbow Six Siege ranks. The fan artist has also shared some interesting details about the cosmetic – as we alluded to earlier.

Concept arts I made for Kapkan bundle from Rainbow6

As you can see under each image of the above post, LevaSoj “wanted Kapkan to have a headgear that fits his character but does not include a hood”. So, “while designing the mask, [they] wanted his face to resemble a grinning adder snake”. In addition to this, the outfit design was drawn from an “old sci-fi/horror project” of LevaSoj’s and an older Kapkan skin concept – which might explain why there are a few more tubes and wires than usual. Oh, and why Kapkan has red eyes.

Rainbow Six Siege free Kapkan skin Amazon prime gaming twitch headgear: an image of the concept art for the FPS skin

One Rainbow Six Siege player has drawn similarities between this Kapkan cosmetic and the Ocelot Unit from the Metal Gear Solid series; however, LevaSoj has just stated that they “love the red beret design in all media” – so, it’s not quite an MGS3 reference. Still, it’s clear the community is in support of this design and there are many regarding this as one of the best Twitch Prime sets yet.

However, there are concerns that this is going to confuse players – given the fact that it’s such a step away from the visual langauge we associate with Kapkan.

Rainbow Six Siege free kapkan skin Amazon prime gaming Twitch uniform: an image of some concept art for the free FPS skin

One fan, in the comments to the post above, has suggested that “changing the character’s overall silhouette” with the red beret could lead to communication problems in-game – and issues tracking operator deaths and identifying counter-plays in the heat of battle.

This, interestingly, is something LevaSoj agrees with – to an extent – but does state that “all his headgears being ‘hood’ related is very limiting [when it comes] to creativity”. So, that’s why you might notice that Kapkan’s beret is actually flipped and tilted – unlike other beret-based headgear cosmetics in-game – and “that his face is recognisable from far away”.

Kapkan’s silhouette isn’t going to change too much, but we do agree that it might take players a moment or two to get familiar with this new cosmetic – as it is so different from his previous skins. This is one of the best competitive FPS games out there at the moment, though, so we’re sure the players will manage.

If you want to pick it up yourself, but you don’t have a Twitch Prime subscription, we have a little deal you might be interested in below:

Look, we know Rainbow Six Siege could benefit from this simple game-changing gadget, but we’re not going to start complaining at a few free cosmetics. Especially when they’re as good as this. Still, Rainbow Six Siege are risking ruining Frost with this Welcome Mat rework in Y8S2 – so, it isn’t all good news going forwards.