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Rainbow Six Siege risk ruining Frost with Welcome Mat rework in Y8S2

Ubisoft has teased a Rainbow Six Siege Frost rework for Y8S2, fans aren't impressed at the introduction of an Apex Legends-like tracking mechanic to the FPS.

Rainbow Six Siege Frost rework announcement y8s2: an image of Frost in front of a flaming room from the "this is fine" meme

If you can believe it, the eighth year of Rainbow Six Siege content is almost here and Ubisoft has shared quite a bit of information about what this tactical FPS’ fans can look forward to over the next four seasons of updates. Some of these upcoming changes, like the Consulate map rework and the Shooting Range update, are quite exciting. However, these announcements haven’t been met with universal praise; the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Frost rework is already proving unpopular with fans – despite the fact that it’s going to introduce tracking akin to Apex Legends’ Bloodhound.

Discussing Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 content roadmap and what players can expect in the future during the Six Invitational, Ubisoft detailed that it was “revisiting Frost – specifically her Welcome Mat” – in order to start “empowering both sides of the fight”.

Traditionally, and at the moment, Frost’s Welcome Mat is a trap she can place that will instantly knock an enemy operator into a DBNO state when triggered. This makes it quite an effective defensive tool, especially when placed behind vaultables like windows. At the moment, a manual revive from a teammate is the only way to save a player from DBNO via Welcome Mat – even Doc’s Stim Pistol is useless.

However, Ubisoft is aiming to give the Attacker caught in Frost’s trap more of a chance by introducing the ability to self-revive from a Welcome Mat in Y8S2. As you can see explained in the Twitch clip down below, this was met with resounding boos and jeers from the Six Invitational crowd.

If you check out the Twitch clip on Twitch itself here, you can also see that the Twitch stream’s chat rather… unsupportive of the announcement – and this Reddit thread is full of even more fans that aren’t happy about the proposed rework.

In an effort to balance the scales, Ubisoft is going to limit the Attacker’s movement when they self-revive from a Welcome Mat and ensure that they leave a blood trail of sorts for Defenders like Frost to follow – when they find an empty Welcome Mat trap. The blood trail players will leave is quite obvious, so we can’t imagine it will take to long for revived players to be found. However, this could very-well lead to Frost slipping into obseletism – as this is essentially a nerf, whether Ubisoft wants to pitch it like that to fans or not.

If you want to climb the Rainbow Six Siege ranks as a Frost main, you may want to consider starting to practice as another operator. However, there’s a lot more to the future of Siege than just this Frost rework. You can find out more about the Rainbow Six Siege Operation Commanding Force release time and the latest Rainbow Six Siege leaks right here.

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best competitive FPS games out there right now, but you have to wonder if this change is really needed. We know it looks like Rainbow Six Siege’s Splinter Cell alimni Zero might be nerfed next, but Ubisoft clearly has more than just that up it’s sleeves.