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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Brutal Swarm release date, Grim, and Y7S3

The Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3 release date is almost upon us, introducing a new operator to Night Haven, a new locale in the map pool, and a lot more

Rainbow Six Siege Operatoin Brutal Swarm release date: an image of Grim on a blurred honeycomb background

We know Sens’ addition to the Rainbow Six Siege roster feels like yesterday, but the Y7S3 update and Operation Brutal Storm are now upon us. The latest major update to Ubisoft’s tactical FPS is promising another new operator, Grim, the shock re-appearance of a fan-favourite map, and important improvements to the game’s Reputation System and balancing changes. So, if you want to know more about the Rainbow Six Siege Operation Brutal Swarm release date and what’s going to be in the next set of Rainbow Six Siege patch notes, you’re in the right place.

In a similar fashion to last season’s update, there has been a bit of leaking when it comes to what players can expect to see. However, you’ll be pleased to know that Ubisoft has managed to keep some of the most exciting stuff a secret ahead of the Rainbow Six Siege Operation Brutal Swarm release date. So, you might find yourself reading something a little familiar below, but there’s going to be a few things that may surprise you.

Anyway, enough about the abstract of all the Y7S3 content and when it’s coming out, let’s actually get stuck in and talk about what’s coming in the future – and, of course, when you can play around with all the new content coming to one of the best competitive FPS games out there right now.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Brutal Swarm release date

The Rainbow Six Siege Operation Brutal Swarm release date and the release of all the Y7S3 content discussed below is September 6, 2022. This new season of content was fully announced on August 21, following a number of teasers in the days leading up to the aforementioned announcement.

This is the third season of content in Rainbow Six Siege’s plans for Year 7, which should be followed by a Colombian operator and the eventual release of the new competitive map initially planned for the Y7S3 update.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Brutal Swarm release time

At the moment, we don’t have confirmation of when this update will come out. However, looking at last season’s release time, we’re under the impression that a staggered platform-based release schedule for Operation Brutal Swarm will begin at around 07:00 PST / 10:00 EST / 14:00 BST – much like Operation Vector Glare in June.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Brutal Swarm operator Grim

As you may have already seen, Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Brutal Swarm update introduces a new face to the roster – and a new operator to help you climb the Rainbow Six Siege ranks. An operative known for his aggressive reconnaissance and expert intel gathering, Grim is joining Night Haven as an Attacker with a rather unusual unique gadget: the Kawan Hive Launcher.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Brutal Swarm release date: an image of Grim in a swamp

Firing an impact projectile that explodes into a swarm of bee-like micro-robots, the Kawan Hive Launcher is going to allow players to track enemy movements in real-time (for a limited time) from a distance. When you couple this with the fact that Grim is going to be a three-speed, one-health Attacker, Night Haven’s newest face is going to be a fantastic asset to any attacking team dealing with roamers and adventurous Defenders.

As for Grim’s loadout, you can opt for either the 552 Commando assault rifle or SG-CQB shotgun as a primary weapon to pair with the P229 secondary. Grim players will also be able to choose from the Breach Charge or Claymore as a secondary gadget, just like last season’s operator, Sens.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Brutal Swarm Stadium map

Ahead of the Operation Brutal Swarm reveal, Ubisoft confirmed that the map it had planned to launch alongside the update was being pushed back to the currently unnamed Y7S4 content update. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything new to look forward to when it comes to maps.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Road to SI map, Stadium, is going to be introduced to the map pool as a permanent fixture in Y7S3. Discussing the decision, game designer Josam L René has expressed that this was something of a “missed opportunity” for the Rainbow Six Siege team – given the fact that, prior to now, it was only available for a handful of weeks in a limited-time playlist.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Brutal Swarm release date: an image of the stadium map in-game

Bringing in some outside help in the form of Rainbow Six Siege pro players, this map has been updated to suit standard play and players can expect to be met with the unique challenge of dealing with two maps smashed together when rappelling into Stadium in Operation Brutal Swarm.

In this update, Ubisoft is also going to expand the pregame map voting selection from three options to five. This is being done to tackle map diversity in-game and offer a slightly more unpredictable scenario for players. Don’t worry, though, your team will still get to vote on one map ban before things begin.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Brutal Swarm Impact EMP Grenade

In addition to this, a new throwable gadget is being introduced to help players counter certain unique gadgets that might be plaguing their attacking efforts: the Impact EMP Grenade. This is going to do pretty much what you expect it to, given its name. Throwing this Impact EMP Grenade will allow players to deactivate nearby electronic devices for a limited time – and it’s’ going to activate and explode on impact.

The Impact EMP Grenade will be available as a third gadget option for Blackbeard, Montagne, Dokkaebi, Nokk, Gridlock, Sledge, Lion, and Osa at the start of Operation Brutal Swarm.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Brutal Swarm Reputation System Phase 2 and more

If you thought that was it, you’ve got another thing coming – there are so many more smaller details to go over when it comes to Operation Brutal Swarm.

Ubisoft is going to start splitting the balancing changes it implements between PC and Console. So, there’s a new recoil control system coming to the PC version of Rainbow Six Siege that aims to encourage more tactical gunplay – leaning back into the core of the Rainbow Six Siege experience, in a way.

In addition to this, there’s going to be a re-shuffle of attachment options on all weapons – however, Console players can look forward to this one too.

On both platforms, the second phase of Ubisoft’s Reputation System improvements are being introduced. This time around, abusive text chat is going to be tackled with penalty mutes and bans for those abusing others in the game’s text chat. Interestingly, you can actually choose to unmute a banned player if you want – however, they will be muted by default if they’re serving a penalty for abusive text chat. You will also be able to report cheating of any kind through Siege’s match replay system going forwards – which should help punish players who drop out of matches before they are reported.

It’s a lot to look forward to, and we still don’t have the full run-down of the balancing changes from the Operation Brutal Swarm patch notes. Will Grim be one of the best Rainbow Six Siege operators for ranked play going forward? It’s hard to say, but he looks like a lot of fun to play around with in any case.