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Rainbow Six Extraction roadmap

What has Ubisoft said about a potential Rainbow Six Extraction roadmap? Here is what players can expect from post launch content for the PvE shooter

Rainbow Six Extraction Roadmap: A Protean can be seen jumping towards

Rainbow Six Extraction has launched to a sizeable player base thanks to the game being included in Game Pass and word-of-mouth being mostly positive for Ubisoft’s co-op shooter.

But, as players start working their way through each of the zones and complete Rainbow Six Extraction’s studies, they are going to wonder what Ubisoft has planned for the future of the game. Whether it is new operators, bringing operators over from Rainbow Six Siege, or adding in new areas and maps alongside limited-time-modes, there is a lot of possibility for post launch content in Extraction.

So, what do we know about the upcoming Rainbow Six Extraction roadmap of post-launch content and free updates set to arrive to the game in the coming months? Read on for a rundown of everything Ubisoft has said about its plans for Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction Roadmap

Ubisoft hasn’t released an official Rainbow Six Extraction roadmap; however, it has detailed some of the activities that will arrive down the line.

Crisis Events are limited-time modes and events that will add new content. Each Crisis Event will add a new mode, as well as a new operator to level up or a new Protean to take down.

The first Crisis Event is called Spillover and will task you with wiping out large amounts of enemies propagating throughout areas with sprawl. This event, and future ones, will also include new REACT Tech, lore, and cosmetics.

A schedule for these Crisis Events hasn’t been announced as of right now, so we are unsure as to when the Spillover Crisis Event will come to the game.

Beyond that, Ubisoft hasn’t announced if new modes, gear, or any other gameplay additions will arrive outside of Crisis Events. However, while you wait for free post-launch content, check out the Rainbow Six Extraction Maelstrom Protocol event.