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PUBG’s new reputation system aims to make games “more civil”

PUBG is tackling Toxic Timmys

A screenshot of a PUBG character

In a 10.2 update that makes for very interesting reading, PUBG Corp. has revealed a new reputation system to promote good behaviour and stamp out toxicity in online PUBG matches.

The new feature, which will roll out for both casual players in normal mode and those climbing the PUBG ranks, sees everyone receive a Reputation Level. This will be displayed next to your name in the Team Finder to give those looking for teammates an idea of how well-behaved you are. The lowest level is zero, and the highest is five. Over time, your Reputation Level will increase as you play games of PUBG without incident. However, a number of behaviours will see your Reputation Level drop.

The negative behaviours listed in the patch notes that will cause your Reputation Level to drop include “leaving matches repeatedly and failing to return,” being reported for things like “obstructing gameplay, verbal abuse, [or] team killing”, and receiving bans for cheating. The notes clarify that merely being reported for suspected cheating won’t influence your Reputation Level, but if found guilty, actually being banned for it will.

This new feature will hopefully make PUBG a nicer, more civil game to play, even in the depths of an intense ranked match.

The Reputation System is now live on the PUBG Test Server, along with all the other changes in Update 10.2 which include new skins, stunt emotes, and changes to ranked matchmaking.