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PUBG clan system arrives on PS5 and Xbox but needs this DLC to use it

Teaming up with your squad in PUBG just got more exciting with the new PUBG clan update on PS5, Xbox, and PC. However, you'll need to save up for it first.

PUBG clan system

Roaming around the harsh wilderness of PUBG is always better with your squad, and now you can take that collaboration further. The latest PUBG patch notes are here for update 23.2, bringing a wealth of fixes and refined mechanics to the popular battle royale on PS5, Xbox, and PC. One of which is the brand new PUBG clan system, but that’s if you can afford to shell out your battle points for the luxury.

Alongside the rollout of the new PUBG patch, players can note that the game’s recent patch notes detail the arrival of the clan system. “Each clan consists of a clan master, manager, and general members, and can have up to 100 members. Players who have completed the tutorials are eligible to join a clan,” says developer Krafton in a celebratory statement. However, the patch notes indicate that setting up a clan will set you back 15,000 BP before you can get started.

The game also requires players to have “Plus Status” first before they attempt to set up their own clan. If you haven’t enabled this on your account, you’ll need to purchase the PUBG Battlegrounds Plus pack from the PlayStation or Microsoft storefronts for $12.99/£9.99. Doing so will grant the following benefits: “Users with Plus Status are matched only with other Plus Status users in competitive matches and gain access to private custom matches and XP boosts, limited Plus commemorative outfit items and more.”

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Battle Points on the other hand can get earned in-game, though it may take a few matches and hard-earned wins to reach that 15,000 BP milestone. Starting a clan will enable several features such as clan chat, a 30% BP boost in normal/ranked/casual matches, and roles that can be split between members. With a nice little boost for participating in your own clan, utilising our PUBG Karakin will take you closer to an easy dub.

Alongside the ability to create PUBG clans, Krafton is also introducing the recall system in-game. “Introducing the new recall system, designed to alleviate the sense of frustration felt upon death during team play. Acquire the Blue Chip from the deathbox of a defeated ally and help your teammate rejoin the match,” the developer explains. Players will need to take Blue Chips to random respawn points around the map too, known as “Blue Chip Towers.”

It seems that PUBG is taking notes from Fortnite in this regard and should surely be a welcome feature for getting back into the fight. With PUBG sitting within the ranks of some of the best battle royale games out there, now is the time to rally the squad back together.