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Psychonauts 2 white circles - what do they do?

You'll need to be patient to use Psychonauts 2's white circles.


Psychonauts 2 drops you right into the action at the start of the game, investigating Loboto’s mind and hunting down answers. But, one of the features you might spot early on in the game are white circles floating around, which you can’t do anything with straight away.

These white circles are one of a number of mechanics in the game that are shown ahead of time, without offering players a chance to properly use them when they’re introduced.

While you might not be able to interact with them straight away, however, these white circles do actually have a purpose – and one that you’ll need to pay attention to if you’re looking to climb the Psychonauts 2 ranks. So without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the mysterious Psychonauts 2 white circles, what they do, and what might be hiding at the end of their paths.

Psychonauts 2 what do the white circles do?

Psychonauts 2 white circles are grapple points that can be used once you have access to the Mental Connection ability.

This ability is unlocked during the early hours of the game after you visit Hollis’ classroom for the first time. After the opening cutscene has finished inside her classroom, you will have access to the ability, allowing you to grapple to these white circles and access new areas and collectables.

On top of these white circles, by upgrading your Mental Connection ability you will be able to grapple to dark tether points, allowing you to reach more areas and collectables within each of the levels.

That covers the white circles in Psychonauts 2 and how the Mental Connection ability works. Keep up to date with all of our guides for the game in our Psychonauts 2 walkthrough. Make sure to check out our Psychonauts 2 review too.