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Psychonauts 2 Collective Unconscious - how to access

Here's how to access the Collective Unconscious in Psychonauts 2.


Psychonauts 2’s Collective Unconscious is introduced to you fairly early on in the game, and it houses all of the minds that are explorable. Here, you can return to any brain you have previously visited in the game, allowing you to finish hoovering up any collectibles you may have missed.

Despite being introduced in the opening hours of the game by Sasha, the game never tells you how to get back to the Collective Unconscious, which can be pretty puzzling especially if you don’t go back until you have completed the main story.

To help alleviate some of that confusion, here we’ll explain everything you need to know about the Psychonauts 2 Collective Unconscious, including where to find it and what brains you can dive back into there. This will ensure you can 100% the game and reach Psychonauts 2 rank 102, signalling your proficiency as a Psychonaut.

Psychonauts 2 collective Collective Unconscious location

The Collective Unconscious in Psychonauts 2 can be accessed by heading to Sasha’s Lab in the Agents wing of The Motherlobe. If you have yet to complete the story, you can re-enter the Collective Unconscious by talking to Sasha. But, if you are in the game’s post-game state, interact with Sasha’s machine to the left of the operating table to re-enter. You can also access the Collective Unconscious from the Green Needle Gulch’s central building in the post-game state.

You can get to the Agents Wing from the main Atrium, or you can use the fast travel hatches which are located around The Motherlobe.

Psychonauts 2 Collective Unconscious brains

The following brains can be revisited in the Collective Unconscious once you have finished their story segments:

  • Loboto’s Labyrinth
  • Hollis’ Classroom
  • Hollis’ Hot Streak
  • Psi King’s Sensorium
  • Cruller’s Correspondence
  • Compton’s Cookoff
  • Strike City
  • Ford’s Follicles
  • Tomb Of The Sharkophogus
  • Cassie’s Collection
  • Bob’s Bottles
  • Lucrecia’s Lament
  • Fatherland Follies

That covers how to re-access the Collective Unconsciousness after Sasha introduces it to you in Psychonauts 2. To read up on all our other guides for the game, check out our full Psychonauts 2 walkthrough.