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Psychonauts 2 fast travel: how to unlock fast travel in The Motherlobe

Get around quickly with the Psychonauts 2 fast travel system

Raz can be seen standing outside a fast travel hatch.

In Psychonauts 2, The Motherlobe is your base of operations, where you can take part in activities, buy new consumables and Pins, and begin missions for the Psychonauts. But, the space is quite large with multiple sections to explore. Luckily, Double Fine has thought ahead and included fast travel within The Motherlobe in Psychonauts 2.

Fast travel will allow you to easily get around the location, saving you time and enabling you to complete missions or hunt down collectibles faster than if you had to walk around the office’s corridors over and over again. As with most games it is an invaluable tool that you will come to rely on later on in the game.

So, let’s get into Psychonauts 2’s fast travel within The Motherlobe, including how to unlock it, and the various locations you can fast travel to, saving you some time while you play.

Here is the rundown on Psychonauts 2’s fast travel within The Motherlobe:

Psychonauts 2 How To Unlock Fast Travel In The Mortherlobe

Fast travel within Psychonauts 2 is easy to unlock as it is a part of the natural story progression very early on into the experience. Within the game is is called Otto’s Brain-Only Network.

After you visit The Motherlobe for the first time and talk to Hollis in her office, you will be given a new mission, asking you to visit the Mailroom. As you make your way down the corridor towards the main atrium, you will be greeted by Lili who will pop out of a hatch in the ground.

During the conversation, Raz will ask about the hatch, with Lili revealing that you need a special ThinkerPrint combination to unlock it.

A fast travel hatch can be seen.

Right after, Lili will give Raz the ThinkerPrint combination, unlocking fast travel (Otto’s Brain-Only Network) within The Motherlobe. That’s how you unlock fast travel within Psychonauts 2’s The Motherlobe.

Psychonauts 2 The Motherlobe Fast Travel Locations

There are a number of locations you can fast travel to within Psychonauts 2 at the start, with others being unlocked as you explore more areas of The Motherlobe.

The locations within The Motherlobe you can fast travel to are as follows:

  • Sasha’s Lab (unlocked from start)
  • Intern Wing (unlocked from start)
  • Atrium (unlocked from start)
  • Truman’s Grotto (unlocked upon visiting the room above the Nerve Center)
  • Quarry (unlocked after entering The Motherlobe’s surrounding area outside)
  • Psychoisolation Chamber (unlocked after reaching the Psychoisolation chamber in the Quarry)
  • Lab (unlocked upon entering Otto’s Lab in the Quarry)
  • QA Parking Lot (unlocked upon entering the Questionable Area through the Abandoned Mine)

There you have it! Everything you need to know about Psychonauts 2’s fast travel within The Motherlobe and how to unlock it.

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