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PS5 players can now get an unexpected upgrade for this classic game

In a surprise move from Assassin's Creed developer Ubisoft, PS5 players can now download and play a PS5 upgrade of the classic game UNO.

Uno PS5 upgrade

When you think of competitive PS5 games, your mind may look toward Call of Duty or battle royale giant Fortnite. Others call upon a different kind of battle, one which tests friendships and your ability to bluff. We’re talking about UNO of course, which is one of the free PS5 games available on PS Plus. But not just any version of it, because developer Ubisoft surprise releases the UNO PS5 upgrade of the game to download this instant.

You just can’t beat a bit of UNO, can you? Not only is it considered one of the best games to with your friends, but the digital version via backwards compatibility is easily one of the best PS5 games on PS Plus. And that statement is definitive now, as a dedicated PS5 version of UNO is now available, bringing a fresh set of trophies to earn too. You don’t have to pay any extra either, it is included with all the other free PS Plus games.

“The digital version of the classic friendship-destroying card game, is now available on Xbox Series X|S and PS5,” says Ubisoft in a new statement. Furthermore, everything you’ve come to expect from the PS4 counterpart remains in the upgrade: “Players can choose gameplay with traditional rules, including stacking, 7-0, and jump-in, and use Uno’s online multiplayer feature to play with friends on the same platform.”

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If you consider yourself somewhat of a UNO fanatic, then you can also purchase UNO Ultimate Edition if you want more bang for your buck. Ubisoft details that “the Ultimate Edition of the game also includes the game’s DLC packs, such as Fenyx’s Quest, Call of Yara, and [Assassin’s Creed] Valhalla, each of which introduces a new game mode and themed cosmetic options for cards.”

Alternatively, you can get yourself an Ubisoft+ subscription, which grants you access to UNO Ultimate Edition alongside a suite of other Ubisoft franchises. It may be worth considering this options, as Ubisoft plays an instrumental part in bringing Call of Duty games to other streaming services in the future. Who would have thought UNO would join the ranks of new PS5 games in 2023?

We wholeheartedly recommend giving it a go, as it is an ideal game to put on if you’re hoping in a group chat with friends. Well, they won’t be your friends for long.