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Owen Wilson welcomes PS5 players into Teardown’s fiery sandbox

Marvel's Loki star Owen Wilson guides PS5 players into the big world of Teardown, as the acclaimed sandbox-heist game finally arrives.

Teardown PS5

There are many simple pleasures in gaming, but if there is one thing we all love to do, it’s blowing stuff up. But forget knocking down buildings in Battlefield, we’re talking about Teardown of course. The Tuxedo Labs sandbox is finally arriving at consoles, and to celebrate Teardown PS5, the studio is recruiting a Hollywood legend to usher people in the game’s world. Say hello to Owen Wilson.

Teardown makes it console debut from today, Wednesday, November 15, 2023, and the best part is for PS Plus players is that it joins the PS Plus Extra and Premium games list. Tuxedo Labs says in a recent statement that players new to Teardown can expect to “experience [a] totally destructible, voxel-simulated action across a variety of game modes and a full campaign.” And if that isn’t enough, the game’s PS5 debut also includes the new Time Campers DLC expansion. But before you explore that, why not let Loki star and frequent Wes Anderson collaborator Owen Wilson introduce you to game?

The game’s launch trailer, which Wilson narrates, sets the foundations for your antics. “Why is so satisfying to break stuff? […] This is what Swedish developer Tuxedo Labs was wondering when they put together what we’re looking at here, Teardown,” Wilson expresses. The experience revels in “the beauty of disorder”, and the game’s unofficial mantra: “Breaking stuff is fun.” But what exactly is Teardown?

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Before you get to smash buildings into tiny pieces, you’ll assume control of a demolition company. To make ends meet, heisting becomes the ultimate thrill, and thus begins your path to laying waste to everything in sight. A great addition to all the free PS Plus games available, Tuxedo Labs highlights the game’s array of impressive features, which include:”real-time physics and fully destructible, voxel-simulated, ray-traced world give players immense freedom to discover unique emergent gameplay solutions to nearly any challenge.”

Alongside the game’s first DLC, Time Campers, 3 more expansions are in the works too. You can expect the next pack to arrive in Spring 2024. It gives us fond memories of sandbox games like the early days of Garry’s Mod, although Teardown’s technical features are more intuitive in terms of environmental mayhem.

teardown ps5 dlc

While the game’s story is at the center, the game’s dedicated Sandbox Mode is where you’ll spend most of your time, just like us. Though the mods on console are curated, we still love that the game has a modding community of sorts to fall back on. Not many new PS5 games feature the ability to alter the game’s parameters to this extent, so we can only begin to imagine the possibilities of carnage going forward.