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The best keyboard and mouse combinations for PS4 and PS5

While controller might be the preferred option for PS4 and PS5 users, there are a couple of PS5 keyboard and mouse options that'll make sure you hit every shot

Best PS5 keyboard and mouse: A Razer Turret

Console gaming has undoubtedly evolved over recent years, and there’s no better example of this than the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2020. These consoles bolster some top of the range games and have all the bells and whistles to make them equally powerful machines compared to some mid-range PC builds.

If you’re checking out some of the best PS4 games or best PS5 games, then you may also be looking for ways to change the way you play. If you’re struggling to get to grips with a controller or you’re looking for something that gives you a little more precision, there are some viable options you’re able to take now with the best PS4 keyboard and mouse combinations and the best PS5 keyboard and mouse offerings.

With increased compatibility, there’s never been a better time to check out a PS4 or PS5 keyboard and mouse combo than right now. We’re going to run over the best options for using one of these respected consoles, along with the varying prices options and the features each one will have.

Here are the best PS4 and PS5 mouse and keyboards:

  • Razer Turret
  • Corsair Gaming K55 + Harpoon Bundle
  • Roccat Core Bundle 1
  • Logitech G213 Keyboard and G305 Lightspeed Mouse
Best PS5 keyboard and mouse: razer Turret on a green backgroundBuy now 

Razer Turret

The best PS5 keyboard and mouse bundle is the Razer Turret.

This wireless combo pack, which contains a keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad, was originally designed for the new Xbox Series X|S, but it’s stolen the hearts of many Sony fans due to the fact it can be connected to both the PS4 and the PS5 via Bluetooth.

The keyboard itself comes equipped with Razer’s Green Switches, which offer a stable actuation point and a relatively fast response time. The mouse mat, which offers a magnetized zone to dock the mouse, retracts back into the underneath of the keyboard when not in use. The mouse you get in this bundle is also fully ergonomic and offers Razer’s 5G optical sensor.

There isn’t a better bang for your buck than the Razer Turret bundle, as you get all the bells and whistles with this kit, so you’re ready to go right from the get-go.

What we like…

Tick Completely wireless
Tick Mouse mat designed for living room play
Tick PS4 and PS5 compatible

Best PS5 keyboard and mouse: A corsair keyboard and mouse Buy now 

Corsair K55 and Harpoon Bundle

The best budget PS4 and PS5 keyboard and mouse combination is the Corsair K55 and Harpoon bundle.

Corsair’s bundle is the cheapest on our list – making it a great option for those of you who want to give playing games with a keyboard and mouse a go.

While this bundle certainly isn’t as flashy as the Razer Turret, the keyboard and mouse here will do the job. The K55 is a simple membrane keyboard with six dedicated macro keys, anti-ghosting technology, and it comes with a detachable wrist pad.

The Harpoon, which is a lightweight mouse, features a 6,000 DPI optical sensor and six programmable buttons which’ll help you hit your shots in some of the best competitive FPS games.

As you can see, this Corsair isn’t the flashiest but it won’t break the bank – especially if you’re looking to test the waters out when it comes to gaming on a keyboard and mouse via your PS4 and PS5.

What we like…

Tick A cracking price
Tick Lots of programmable buttons
Tick Robust build

PS5 keyboard and mouse: A Roccat bundle with a keyboard, mouse, headset, and mouse matPlay for Free 

Roccat Core Bundle 1

The best all-in-one PS5 keyboard and mouse bundle is the Roccat Core Bundle 1.

If you’re looking for a set that completes your entire setup via one purchase, then the Roccat Gaming Bundle 1 may be the thing you’re looking for. With a Roccat Burst Core wired mouse, ROCCAT Pryo linear mechanical keyboard, Elo X Stereo headset, and a Roccat Sense Core mousepad, this bundle has everything you could possibly need to get to grips with keyboard and mouse gaming on the PS4 and PS5.

It’s hard to find a bundle on the market that offers as much gear as Roccat does with this bundle, and all of these components are reliable and have some bells and whistles other bundles may not deliver on this list.

If you’re getting your desk set up with your PS4 or PS5, this offer can come in handy. A simple plug-and-play with all components is all you’ll need to do to get gaming on your PS4 or PS5 with this mouse and keyboard combination.

What we like…

Tick A great bundle
Tick A sturdy mechanical keyboard
Tick A bonus headset

Buy now

Logitech G213 Keyboard and G305 Lightspeed mouse

The best mid-range PS5 keyboard and mouse is the Logitech G213 and G305 Lightspeed.

Logitech has always been touted for having top-of-the-line keyboards and mice, and within this bundle, you’re going to gain access to some of their most popular products within an all-in-one combo.

The G213 offers Logitech G Mech-Dome keys that are specially tuned to deliver a superior tactile response and overall performance profile similar to a mechanical keyboard. So while it isn’t a fully-fledged mechanical keyboard, it will be hard to notice a difference while playing most games, thanks to the Logitech keys here.

On the flip side, the G305 Lightspeed is well-renowned mouse that features its HERO sensor, ensuring there won’t be any input delay when using it on the PS4 or PS5. Furthermore, the mouse is also fully wireless, so you can place it anywhere you want while not having to worry about more cables.

What we like…

Tick A great mid-range option
Tick Wireless mouse
Tick Reliable brand

There are some formidable options for using a PS4 or PS5 mouse and keyboard so you won’t have any trouble picking one out. While we’ve got you, make sure to check out our list of the best PS5 headsets.