The best PS5 headsets

A PlayStation headset can make all the difference to your game, so here are some of the best

If you’re lucky enough to have been able to order Sony’s new console online, the first accessory you’ll want for the PlayStation 5 when it arrives in your home is a headset. If you like to play games online with your mates, tend to find yourself playing late into the night, or just have some rubbish speakers on your telly, a great headset will transform your PS5 experience thanks to 3D audio.

Most of the best PS4 headsets on the market will work on the PS5 and if you’ve got an audio jack connection, you can plug headsets straight into the PS5’s DualSense controller. USB connections and dongles also work just as well and can provide a crystal-clear audio experience.

You are for the best PS5 headsets, so let’s get into our choices for what you should use on Sony’s new console.

Here are the best PS5 headsets: 

  • Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset
  • Steelseries Arctis 7P
  • Sennheiser GSP 600
  • Sony PlayStation 4 Platinum headset
  • Razer Kraken
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Sony PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

The best wireless PS5 headset is the Sony Pulse 3D.

Sony’s official PS5 headset is an absolute winner. It shares the sci-fi vibe of the DualSense controller and that WiFi router-esque console, tying everything together in a pretty bow that whispers aesthetics.

The headset is comfortable to use, and all of the tech is hidden away inside: there’s not even a boom mic, although that does hinder voice chat a little. Still, the discreet form-factor and the lack of ‘gamer’ branding means it’s something you won’t feel too bad about leaving around or on the coffee table. It also looks sleek and stylish fitting the rest of your PS5 set-up in your front room.

Because Sony developed the headset to compliment the PS5, the Pulse 3D headset takes advantage of 3D Audio. It can identify the direction of incoming rounds in Warzone or increase the scares in a horror game like Resident Evil Village.

What we like…

Tick Comfortable headband
Tick Integrated noise-cancelling microphones
Tick  Crystal clear 3D audio

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Steelseries Arctis 7P

Steelseries have long been known for their premiere headsets and gaming peripherals and the Steelseries Arctis 7P is no different. The top of the line PS5 headset has excellent audio quality with 3D Audio support.

The smooth, sleek, and clear frame means that it is comfy on your head, while also matching your PS5 set-up with its white colour scheme.

With a wide variety of options and controls, you can customise the audio experience for each game you play on PS5, perfecting the sound for a fight with your foes or a leisurely stroll through the landscapes of an open-world adventure.

It’s price tag is high, but the Steelseries Arctis 7P is a top-tier headset for the PS5 that is an unmissable bit of tech if you can stomach the price.

What we like…

Tick Wireless
Tick 24-hour battery life
Tick  Compatible with other devices

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Sennheiser GSP 600

Another of the best gaming PS5 headsets is the Sennheiser GSP 600.

In all honesty, most sets of Sennheiser cans are worth a punt if you’re in the market, but one of our favourites is the wired GSP 600 headset, which has a cushioned design that makes it perfect for long game sessions.

The GSP 600 has some clean lines and a chunky design that make it look the part. It’s not feature-rich, but we appreciate the fact the microphone automatically mutes when you raise up the boom, and the earcup lets you quickly adjust the volume by twisting a knob that feels pretty slick.

The GSP 600 is missing a few features you might expect for the price you pay, but you do get clean, clear audio, and it’s easy to differentiate sounds in the thick of the action. The over-ear design also means there’s minimal sound leakage, which is always a bonus.

Overall, the Sennheiser GSP 600 series is an attractive package, even if the price is a little steeper than most.

What we like…

Tick Memory foam ear cushions
Tick Flip-to-mute microphone
Tick  Volume control wheel

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Sony PlayStation 4 Platinum headset

Although not built for Sony’s new system, the Sony PlayStation 4 Platinum headset is another great PS5 headset.

Sony’s Platinum headset has a sleek look with a metallic trim, and a design that is similar to the PS5 console’s design, although this headset is black instead of white. The headset also works well with the PSVR.

In the PS4 era, the Platinum headset was renowned for its audio balance, and the ability to store different sound profiles. The headset app used to do this isn’t compatible with the PlayStation 5, but the headset is still a solid choice if you want a cheaper option that will work well.

It packs a fairly substantial battery life, promising up to six hours of play, which is enough for anyone who is looking for a night of playing Warzone matches or is excited about a lot of the upcoming PS5 games releasing on Sony’s new system, such as the gorgeous-looking Horizon Forbidden West.

What we like…

Tick Lightweight
Tick Good battery life
Tick Easy to use with the PSVR

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Razer Kraken

The best budget PS5 headset is the Razer Kraken.

Razer’s famous and ever-popular Kraken headset is a shoe-in. The Kraken is renowned for its quality sound at a cracking price

You get what you pay for with sound. The mid-range can sometimes be a little underwhelming but the bass and low-end are remarkable, and the microphone offers clear and precise voice chatter.

The Kraken is distinctive looking and one of the better headsets in the price bracket, and there’s even a cheaper version — the Kraken X — that costs less than a new PS5 game. If you want a decent pair of headphones without breaking the bank, the Krakens aren’t the best in the business but they’re more than worth the asking price.

What we like…

Tick Cheap
Tick Lightweight
Tick Different colourways

That’s all of our recommendations for the best PS5 headsets on the market.