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Sony slash PS Plus cost alongside huge Days of Play sale on PS5

Sony's PlayStation Days of Play sale is finally here and you can save big on PS Plus subscriptions and some of the best PS5 and PS4 games available right now.

PS Plus deals PlaySttion State of Play Sale: an image of Aloy from RPG Horizon Forbidden West in front of the sale logo

Whether you’re looking to pick up the latest PS5 exclusives at a discount, claim the newest PS Plus games for free, or save big on some of the best PS5 games out there, PlayStation’s Days of Play sale is here and it’s the perfect promotion for you; in fact, you don’t even need to own a PS5, there’s plenty for PS4 owners too. Namely, there’s a rather substantial discount on 12-months of PS Plus.

Throughout Sony’s Days of Play sale on the PlayStation Store, you can get 12-months of PS Plus as a 25% discount. Whether you’re a brand-new customer, an existing customer looking to extend your subscription, or someone who wants to upgrade your PS Plus to either Extra or Premium, you can save 25% on 12-months of this service from now until June 12, 2023.

That means 12-months of PS Plus Essential is going to set you back $44.99 (£37.49), 12-months of PS Plus Extra is going to cost $74.99 (£62.99), and 12-months of PS Plus Premium will be just $89.99 (£74.99). When you think about how you’re usually paying anything up to just under $120 for this sort of thing, the 25% discount is well worth taking advantage of. You can find a full list of every PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium game right here if you want to know what you’re paying for.

However, that’s not the only thing worth checking out during the Days of Play sale; you can save quite a lot on some of the best PS5 RPG games out there, the best PS5 multiplayer games, and even a couple of the best games of all time.

For example, you can pick up God of War Ragnarok for just $49.69 (£52.49), or Horizon Forbidden West for $39.89 (£43.39). Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is also available at an incredible discount, setting you back just $29.39 (£34.99). Percentage-wise, quite a few of these discounts are larger in the US than they are in the UK, so you’re definitely going to want to see what sort of deal you can get for your dollars. Red Dead Redemption 2 is also only $19.79 (£18.14) – and that really is one of the best PS5 open world games of all time.

You can even get your hands on one of the best PS5 Star Wars games of all time, Star Wars Squadrons, for a measely $5.99 (£5.24). That’s just-about the same price as a quarter-pounder with cheese and bacon from McDonalds. If that isn’t a deal, we don’t know what is.

While you’re looking, it might be worth picking up a new DualSense controller for your PS5 – or even a DualShock for your PS4 console. There’s no better feeling than playing a new game with a brand new controller – and stick drift really can be a pain.

There are, though, quite-literally hundreds of games and add-ons on sale right now – and they will all be until June 12, 2023 at midnight local time. If you’re US-based, you can find the full PlayStation Days of Play PlayStation Store sale right here. If you’re UK-based, you can find the same PlayStation Days of Play PlayStation Store sale here.

We know that sounds a little overwhelming, but this is the PlayStation sale. So, missing out on it would be a real shame. If you’re looking for something to play with your mates, you can find out more about the best PS5 headsets here and everything on the best PS5 co-op games right here. Who knows, one or two of them might be in the sale.