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Project Q unveiled by Ubisoft with playtest sign-ups now live

After a report earlier this week, Ubisoft has officially announced Project Q with playtest sign-ups also now available online for all platforms

Project Q Plytest Sign Up: The Project Q logo can be seen, alongside three characters fighting in a park

Ubisoft has officially announced Project Q, which is an early in development “team battle arena” game rumoured to be an Overwatch and Fortnite-like competitor. The game which was leaked earlier this week had suffered a gameplay leak earlier today and led to this seemingly unplanned announcement.

For now, we don’t know anything about the game, however, Ubisoft has opened up Project Q playtest sign-ups across PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, suggesting it will be playable on at least these five platforms. You can sign up for those playtests here.

In addition, Ubisoft has revealed the official logo for the project and the first concept image which shows three characters fighting in a large park in the middle of a city. One character is wielding a shovel, while another has an energy drink can they are seemingly gliding with. Another is sitting on a bench. Finally, a fourth character can be seen overlooking a river.

The leaked gameplay for the game shows an experience that looks strikingly similar to Fornite, whether it be the abilities, UI, character designs, and environment. However, from this early look, it does seem to be less reliant on finding items throughout the world and more focused on character abilities. It also appears to have objective game types rather than being a simple battle royale.

This is seemingly Ubisoft’s next attempt at crafting a live-service multiplayer game that will capture an audience after Hyper Scape and others didn’t grab the attention of players long-term. Project Q has the chance to succeed where those games have failed, but it all comes down to how it plays.