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Project EVE CEO spends $140k buying PS5’s for his workforce after the reveal

Hyung-Tae Kim celebrates the studio's reveal of the game by buying everyone Sony's latest console

Eve can be seen touching a strange wall.

Project EVE made an action-packed debut to Western audiences at the PS5 showcase last week and was by far one of the longest trailers to be shown. Shift Up, the studio behind the game has spent years working on Project EVE already, but to celebrate the special day, Shift Up CEO, Hyung-Tae Kim, bought a PS5 for each of the 260 members of staff working on the game.

First reported by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, this news is one of the most wholesome CEO stories in quite some time and, shows how much Kim values each of his employees.

To put this generous move into context, a PS5 in South Korea costs 628,000 won (that’s approximately $540), so Kim has just spent 162,280,000 won ($140,400) on equipping his workforce with new generation gaming machines.

It’s rare we find a feel-good story in the industry these days, but this is definitely one of them. Hopefully, we’ll see more CEO’s taking a leaf out of Kim’s book in the future too.

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