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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet just got two amazing new paradox Pokémon

Some new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet paradox Pokémon based on Suicune and Virizion have been revealed and are now live in Tera Raid battles.

Pokemon scarlet and violet new pokemon: A trainer in a school uniform stands on a path with blue sky and see in the background

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet just stealth dropped two brand new version-exclusive Pokémon, and you can go and catch them right now in Tera Raid battles. The two new paradox Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet put new spins on two legendaries from past games: Suicune and Virizion.

Announced during the Pokémon Presents stream for Pokémon Day, players in Pokémon Scarlet will be able to hop into Tera Raids and catch Walking Wake – an ancient form of Suicune – and players in Pokémon Violet can battle and catch Iron Leaves – a futuristic form of Virizion. Like many other paradox Pokémon, you can expect Walking Wake to be one of the best Scarlet Pokémon and Iron Leaves to be one of the best Violet Pokémon.

Walking Wake sees Generation 2’s Suicune given a prehistoric makeover, making the iconic legendary bipedal and have a dinosaur-like appearance. It’s also got a new typing of Water/ Dragon.

Iron Leaves is a far less radical redesign of Virizion, keeping largely the same silhouette and unmistakable head shape, but of course gives it a mechanical, metal look and adds some pink accents to reflect its new typing of Grass/ Psychic.

The Tera Raid event for catching Walking Wake and Iron Leaves is now live, and according to Serebii, it will conclude on March 12 at 4pm PT/ 7pm ET/ 11:59 GMT.

Disclaimer text shown during the Pokémon Presents says that you’ll only be able to catch one of these new Pokémon per save file, in a similar fashion to previous 7-star Tera Raid event Pokémon like Charizard and Cinderace.

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The text also says that Walking Wake and Iron Leaves will return to Tera Raid events in the future, so don’t panic if you don’t catch one this time around.

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