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All Pokemon Scarlet and Violet answers for classes, midterms, tests

Knowing the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet answers for the classes, midterms, and finals tests is essential if you want to earn some sweet rewards

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Answers: A character can be seen

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet answers for classes, midterms, and tests are required when you take any of the class, midterm, or finals tests in either Naranja or Uva Academy, depending on which version of the game you’re playing. You can take classes from the moment you reach the academy for the first time, but you’ll unlock more as you continue with your story in Paldea, and completing all of the classes has some seriously worthwhile rewards at the end.

While the main goal is either to become champion or complete the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokedex, this side activity adds a little variety to the tried and tested formula. Pokemon veterans may not struggle with these questions, but when the finals require four out of five correct answers per subject, it’s not quite so easy. These are all of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet answers for class, midterm, and finals, along with all the subjects available, how to unlock them, and the rewards for completing them all.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet class answers for classes

Biology, Math, and Battle Studies are available as soon as you reach the academy, while History and Home Economics unlock once the Treasure Hunt begins. When you beat the second gym, you’ll unlock Languages and Art.

When it comes to the midterms, you need to ensure you’ve attended three classes for each subject. To pass, you need to get three out of five answers correct. Finally, for the finals, once you have completed six classes per subject you need to get four out of five questions correct to pass.

Here are all of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet class answers for each subject:

Biology class answers

  • Inside of buildings
  • Eggs
  • Inflict the Pokemon with a status condition
  • B
  • 1 in 4000
  • Rotom

Math class answers

  • Double
  • 11
  • 4%
  • Triple
  • Any answer
  • 300

Battle Studies class answers

  • Physical moves and special moves
  • Heal Up
  • Terastalize and attack the Pokemon
  • Any answer
  • LP
  • Flat rules

History class answers

  • Treasure
  • Two thousand years ago
  • 800 years ago
  • Wooden planks for writing on
  • Area Zero Expedition
  • Turo / Sada (depending on whether you have Scarlet or Violet)

Home Economics class answers

  • My choice of fillings and condiments
  • Items on the ground
  • Can’t use moves
  • He should make food with other people
  • Clean it
  • Rotom phones

Languages class answers

  • Thank you
  • Any answers
  • I love you!
  • Angry
  • Sadness
  • Happy

Art class answers

  • Any answer
  • Grass
  • Ice
  • Any answer
  • Glaseado’s Grasp
  • You can change their title

Biology midterm answers

  • ZR button
  • During picnics (A) and in your basket (2)
  • Walking around
  • Giving them a berry
  • Gym badges

Math midterm answers

  • Double damage
  • Half damage
  • Eleven
  • About 4%
  • One-and-a-half times as much

Battle Studies midterm answers

  • Special
  • The move’s name
  • Four
  • Terastalizing and attacking
  • Fighting

History midterm answers

  • The Great Crater of Paldea
  • Treasure
  • Approximately 2000 years ago
  • 805 years ago
  • Knowledge

Home Economics midterm answers

  • Increasing speed
  • Filling and condiments
  • Oran Berry
  • True
  • False

Languages midterm answers

  • Thank you
  • Delicieux
  • Time to eat
  • Compliment them
  • Salvatore

Art midterm answers

  • Tera Jewel
  • Grass type
  • Hexagon
  • Medali
  • Any answer

Biology final answers

  • Two
  • False
  • No, it won’t
  • 1 in 4000
  • False

Math final answers

  • Five
  • 75
  • About 12%
  • Triple damage
  • 2

Battle Studies final answers

  • Go all out
  • Auto battles
  • Exchange materials
  • Level 50
  • True

History final answers

  • Area Zero
  • 805 years ago
  • A folding fan
  • Health
  • 10 years ago

Home Economics final answers

  • Sparkling power
  • It helps hatch strong Pokemon
  • Make food with others
  • Pokemon Wash
  • Any answer

Languages final answers

  • Delicieux
  • I love you
  • Anger
  • Happiness
  • Salvatore

Art final answers

  • The Treasure Eatery
  • Surrendering Sunflora
  • Two
  • Levincia
  • False

The main rewards you receive from completing all of the classes, midterms, and finals come in the form of Exp. Candies. Passing one midterm nets you five Exp. Candy S, while one final rewards five Exp. Candy M. This means you can get a total of 35 of each, plus five Exp. Candy L for completing all classes.

When you complete classes, check the kiosk in the entrance hall. If any locations have exclamation marks, this means you can chat to a teacher there to progress your bond with them. When you’ve completed the final exams, you can also speak to each teacher for some extra rewards, although a couple of them also require some additional steps:

  • Mr. Jacq (Biology) – Will provide multiple rewards for hitting Pokedex catch milestones
  • Ms. Tyme (Math) – Rock Tera Shards x50
  • Mr. Dendra (Battle Studies) – Protein x10
  • Ms. Raifort (History) – Shrine locations
  • Mr. Saguaro (Home Economics) – Sweet Herba Mystica quest
  • Mr. Salvatore (Languages) – Galarian Meowth
  • Mr. Hassle (Art) – Dragon Tera Shards x50
  • Nurse Miriam – Max Revives x10 (after completing Victory Road)
  • Director Clavell – Big Nugget x1 (after completing Operation Starfall)

That’s everything there is to know about passing all the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet classes. If you’re still tackling the main story, make sure you’re following the correct Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gym order, and check out the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet mystery gift codes list for some free stuff.