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Dauntless developer Phoenix Labs hiring for new free-to-play shooter

It looks like Phoenix Labs is looking to join the shooter genre with a new free-to-play title - will it rival Apex Legends and Fortnite when it comes out?

Dauntless Free To Play: An armoured figure holding a pistol

Phoenix Labs – the developer behind Dauntless – is working on a new free-to-play shooter, a job listing has revealed. The developer is looking for a lead marketing manager for its “exciting new IP” and a number of details in the job listing suggest that this title could follow in Dauntless’ footsteps as a multiplayer experience with post-launch support.

Phoenix Labs is looking for a lead marketing manager who can “contribute to the strategic development of a live ops plan” alongside its development team. This suggests that the new shooter from the studio is going to feature a post-launch content plan – something a number of the best free shooting games present in a seasonal format.

The job listing is also looking for someone with experience operating within a “F2P business model and monetisation strategies”. With Dauntless operating as a free-to-play title with monetisation strategies in place, it looks like Phoenix Labs is going to build on the system established with Dauntless for this upcoming unannounced game.

Phoenix Labs is also looking for someone with “publishing experience” for mobile devices, consoles, and PC. Although there is no confirmation of specific platforms in this job listing, Dauntless is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Android. This new shooter could also be arriving on these platforms – there’s currently no word on Dauntless coming to the iOS App Store, so we’re not hopeful when it comes to its next release.

Interestingly, Phoenix Labs has mentioned “esports tournaments and communities” – this is an area of competitive gaming that Dauntless has seemingly avoided. With public interest for esports only growing, could Phoenix Labs replicate the success seen by Valorant and burst onto the scene with a new esports shooter? Only time will tell, but clearly, Phoenix Labs is looking to explore this possibility.

Looking at Dauntless and the requirements for this new role, it looks like Phoenix Labs’ new game is going to fit nicely into the current free-to-play shooter landscape. We don’t know if it will take off, with titles like Apex Legends and Fortnite dominating the scene alongside Call of Duty: Warzone, but Dauntless has charm and we hope Phoenix Labs can replicate that while building on its first title to deliver something special.

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