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Payday 3 eliminates vital heisting issue with Transporter skill tree

Getting out of a Payday 3 heist with every possible bag of loot is a thrill, but it isn't easy. The Payday 3 Transporter skill tree will change that for you.

Payday 3 transporter skill

Across the various Payday 3 heists, we’ve all had this thought run through our heads: ‘Just one more bag’. However, getting out alive with maximum loot can be extremely difficult if you’re playing on Hard or Overkill. Developer Starbreeze Studios is aiming to ease your bag carrying efforts in the future, as it shares plans for the Transporter skill tree.

In a recent livestream over on the Payday 3 YouTube channel, brand director Almir Listo and senior game designer Miodrag Kovačević discuss a new skill that will be included in the game soon. From 2:46 onwards, Kovačević explains that “Transporter is a skill line about carrying bags and bodies more efficiently. So, the main draw is that you’ll be able to carry two bags at once. You’ll also be able to carry two deployables, with a penalty.”

Additionally, the Transporter skill will allow players to enhance their Payday 3 builds as they can “carry bodies […] to hide those accidental guard kills a bit quicker.” An official launch date for the Transporter skill is yet to be determined, but Listo does clarify that players can expect it to arrive in the near future: “I just wanted to say it is coming out at the end of October, [at least that is] what it looks like.”

You’ve got a few weeks yet till Transporter joins the best Payday 3 skills, but if you’re a Payday fanatic, this skill might just a ring bell for you.

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Transporter is a skill tree that was present in Payday 2, under the Enforcer range of unlockable skills. It is highly effective for throwing bags to other places and across levels, as it buffs the distance you can throw them. You’ll find it under the Tank section, alongside other skills like Die Hard and Bullseye. Starbreeze are no stranger to sharing their adoration for key influences on the Payday franchise, especially when it comes to movies.

Whether the Transporter skill tree is a homage to the titular Jason Statham action franchise isn’t openly confirmed. However, Statham’s stint as Frank Martin definitely sees a fair share of escorting mysterious packages in a range of heated situations. Remember the key rule: never open the package.

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