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Does Overwatch 2 have split-screen support?

Are you curious if Overwatch 2 has split-screen funcitonality? Here is what you need to know about the ways you can play the game

Overwatch 2 Split Screen: Symmetra can be seen

Split-screen is a feature that is fading away from most games these days, but is that the case with Overwatch 2? Blizzard has a pretty strong history with local co-op but does Overwatch 2 have split-screen support and add another game to that list?

Well, Overwatch 1 did not have split-screen support and almost any online game that isn’t a fighting game or brawler has removed this feature over the last few console generations. But, with the sequel feeling like more of a small change than a radical one, has Blizzard opted to follow in their footsteps with Overwatch 2?

Find out below, by seeing how you can play Overwatch 2 and if Overwatch 2 has split-screen support.

Does Overwatch 2 have split-screen support?

No, Overwatch 2 does not have any split-screen support for local play. The only way you have to play with other people is online. This is the case for both PvP and PvE game modes.

While this is certainly disappointing, as mentioned the first game did not have split-screen support and Overwatch has always been heavily positioned as an online competitive game, rather than a local one. And, the chances of Blizzard adding split-screen support to Overwatch 2 is incredibly low, as it isn’t the priority when they have to roll out new seasons every nine weeks.

So, now you know if Overwatch 2 has split-screen support, you can dive into the online modes for the game. We have tips on everything from crossplay to which characters you should be using with our Overwatch 2 tier list. So, be sure to check them out!