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Overwatch 2 queue system set to improve, only for good players though

Whether you're a high ranking or casual Overwatch 2 player, new plans will revamp the queue system for skilled players in the popular multiplayer shooter.

Junker Queen in Overwatch 2

Matchmaking in Overwatch 2 continues to spark debate among players, despite numerous updates to the multiplayer shooter. While the thrill of the game pays off in battle, getting sorted into a game can sometimes be a laborious process. Now, developer Blizzard Entertainment is considering altering the game’s queue system, but there’s a catch for accessing the forthcoming changes.

During a recent Twitch broadcast from Overwatch 2 streamer ‘eskay’, system designer Gavin Winters offers a brief insight into improvements coming to the game. Speaking on the matter of the game’s queue system, Winters explains that “so like, allowing big stacks mean that [the] matchmaker maybe can’t actually find a match that is fair […] we do have plans, we are thinking about ways that let GM players play together in a competitive setting, that isn’t necessarily our regular competitive role queue.”

Essentially, this queue system refinement would offer up challenging esports-type matches, that high-ranked players are privy to dominating. As the Overwatch 2 GM Top 500 primarily contains leading streamers and OWL players, getting a slice of this action is a tough feat for most players.

Though Winters doesn’t provide a timeline for the proposed changes, players looking to progress through the Overwatch 2 competitive ranks will no doubt be pleased to hear that changes are coming. The game’s MMR (internal matchmaking rating) has prevented players from teaming up in the fan favourite mode Lucio Ball, but Winters clarifies that this may change in the future.

“Yeah with Lucio Ball […] we probably made a bad choice when we set up the way MMR works for Lucio Ball […] then moving forward we’ve made changes so that Lucio Ball ratings apply to Lucio Ball ratings,” Winters expresses. However, should a new mode like “Lucio Football” arrive down the line, Winter states that “in the future we do wanna do better with, let’s say we make a new version […] that would be a clean slate or have a new solution that’s not necessarily putting you in that same predicament.”

With Overwatch 2 Season 3 currently underway, it is possible that significant changes in this regard could appear in Overwatch 2 Season 4. However, until the next batch of Overwatch 2 patch notes arrives, there are other elements to be excited about.

In particular, players can look forward to the return of charity events in the future, albeit with some refinements to popular healer Mercy.