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What are the Overwatch 2 locked heroes and characters when you begin?

Are you curious about which of the Overwatch 2 locked heroes aren't usable from the get-go? Here is a full list of them all across roles

Overwatch 2 Locked Heroes Characters: Baptiste can be seen running

Are you wondering what all the Overwatch 2 locked heroes and characters are when you begin playing the game? Unfortunately, as a new player, Overwatch 2 is going to take a while to really get going before you can find your favourite hero.

Due to the First Time User Experience Blizzard has implemented, not all the heroes, modes, and activities will be available to you when you begin your Overwatch career. Instead, you will need to play or win a number of matches to actually get everything. While this might be annoying if a hero you like is locked initially, it is aimed at helping guide newcomers through the experience and all the content that has been added to the series over the years.

So, to find out which Overwatch 2 locked heroes and characters aren’t playable initially read on below. We also have the number of game completions you will need to obtain before you can begin using them.

Which Overlocked 2 heroes and characters are locked?

Here are all of the locked heroes and characters in Overwatch 2 when you begin the game:

  • Genji – unlocked after completing one game
  • D.Va – unlocked after completing two games
  • Cassidy – unlocked after completing three games
  • Ana – unlocked after completing four games
  • Hanzo – unlocked after completing nine games
  • Junkrat – unlocked after completing 12 games
  • Roadhog – unlocked after completing 15 games
  • Symmetra – unlocked after completing 20 games
  • Zenyatta – unlocked after completing 25 games
  • Bastion – unlocked after completing 30 games
  • Sigma – unlocked after completing 40 games
  • Ashe – unlocked after completing 50 games
  • Brigitte – unlocked after completing 60 games
  • Mei – unlocked after completing 70 games
  • Doomfist – unlocked after completing 85 games
  • Baptiste – unlocked after completing 100 games
  • Sombra – unlocked after completing 115 games
  • Wrecking Ball – unlocked after completing 130 games
  • Echo – unlocked after completing 150 games

These unlock requirements are actually based on you never winning a game as if you win a match you will get two completions towards unlocking all the heroes. With the completion counting as one win and the actual victory counting as a second for just that one game.

This means that for most people and on average you are looking at about 75-100 games depending on your strength as a team and how many matches you win, but Blizzard has estimated that this will be about average. And, that estimation seems about right to us. Of course, this is only for new players as well as those who already have progress in the first game can perform an account merge and bring everything along with them.

With the full roster of heroes at your disposal, you can begin working out which role you want to play and also which hero suits you best. And, if you want some pointers, our Overwatch 2 tier list should help you out once you have obtained all the Overwatch 2 locked heroes.