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Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver buff ironically says goodbye to Parting Gift

A Lifeweaver buff is coming to hero shooter Overwatch 2 soon and it looks like it's removing an entire part of this Support heroes kit on Xbox, PS5, and PC.

Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver buff parting gift: an image of Lifeweaver from the FPS game

If you’re someone sitting there thinking that Blizzard’s latest Overwatch 2 hero could do with a little boost, you’ll be pleased to know that an Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver buff is on the way very soon. However, you might not be pleased to know that it looks like this update is going to completely remove a part of this Support hero’s kit – which really isn’t something you see very often.

Following confirmation from game director Aaron Keller that an Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver controls update is coming soon, lead hero designer Alec Dawson has taken to Twitter to detail an upcoming Lifeweaver buff update that plans to completely remove Parting Gift – a Passive that meant Lifeweaver dropped a small healing item upon death (which both allies could collect for 250 health or enemies could collect for 75 health).

As you can see for yourself down below, Dawson has simply listed Parting Gift as “removed” in his tweet detailing the upcoming update – which is actually due on April 25. He has also highlighted that Healing Blossom will have more ammo, and Lifeweaver’s secondary attack Thorn Volley will offer up a tighter projectile spread.

It’s also worth noting that it looks like Lifeweaver’s ultimate, Tree of Life, is getting the biggest boost. Not only is the Tree’s health pool being upped by 20%, it’s also going to heal 50% more health per pulse. If you’re a squishy hero, this could really be the difference between life and death in a firefight.

Offering a brief explanation for these changes, Dawson added that “these changes look to increase Lifeweaver’s healing capabilities and smooth out a few of his weaknesses”. Players on Reddit are already joking that Parting Gift has quickly become obscure Overwatch trivia – like Reaper’s Soul Orbs or Bastion’s shields.

As much as we thought Lifeweaver’s Parting Gift passive was a decent addition to the game – something that gave added value to keeping him alive and surrounding by his teammates – it’s clear (at least to Blizzard) that it wasn’t working out. It was something that, in theory, should have encouraged players sticking with their Support and – at the very least – capitalising on their death.

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We know Overwatch 2’s Lifeweaver has an alarming big hitbox to dispose of right now, and there’s no information on that changing just yet. But, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some changes made in the future – it’s clear that Blizzard isn’t afraid to make rather drastic alterations to Overwatch 2’s heroes based on community feedback.

Overwatch 2 is slowly becoming one of the best competitive FPS games out there – but, it still has a way to go. For example, the fact that Overwatch 2’s Intergalactic Smuggler Ashe is grossing us out shouldn’t be the only thing we can think about right now, but it is. It’s just… you should check it out for yourself.