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Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver controls update coming after console complaints

Blizzard's Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller has confirmed the FPS is going to update Lifeweaver's controls and inputs ahead of a new balancing update.

Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver controls update keybinds: an image of the character from the FPS game

If you’re someone struggling with Overwatch 2’s new hero, you’ll be pleased to know that a comprehensive Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver controls update is on the way – and you don’t have long to wait for it. Taking to Twitter to address issues with the way Lifeweaver’s kit is laid out, game director Aaron Keller has confirmed that a “Lifeweaver controls update” is coming out “next week” – something a lot of console players are thankful for.

If you’re wondering what to expect from this update, Keller has confirmed that Thorn Volley will be moved to Alt Fire by default – something a lot of players on PC were already altering their control schemes to do. In addition to this, Rejuvenating Dash is being moved to “double jump” from the Left Shift input. This brings it in line with Hanzo’s double-jump, which is much more similar to Rejuvenating Dash than abilities like Moira’s Fade, for example.

Keller has also added that Petal Platform will now replace Rejuvenating Dash by default, being available by pressing Left Shift instead of the F key. Lifeweaver players should also be able to cancel this with the same button. Thorn Volley’s auto-reload is also being slowed to compensate for these changes, but will still take the same amount of time as manually reloading.

What’s interesting about these control scheme changes is that Redditor ‘SammyIsSeiso’ has thrown together an almost identical set of changes using the Overwatch 2 Workshop feature. As you can see below, they have created an alternative control scheme to try and “fix Lifeweaver’s awkward keybinds” – and it looks like Blizzard has had the same idea. Literally.

I used the Workshop to fix Lifeweaver’s awkward keybinds! Code: D4P5J
by u/SammyIsSeiso in Overwatch

If you’re playing on PC, you might not feel too fussed about these changes. However, on consoles, this update is going to be very important. Altering your control scheme isn’t nearly as easy on these platforms and – on the whole – it’s a lot easier to adapt to some awry keybinds on a keyboard than it is adapting to some strange inputs on a console controller. You just need to take a look at the responses to the aforementioned announcement from Keller, or this Reddit thread, to know how frustrating players have found Lifeweaver’s control scheme so far.

In addition to all this, Keller has teased some balancing changes for the new Overwatch 2 hero – but, we don’t know anything about those just yet. It’s clear that there’s a faction of fans who think Lifeweaver should be able to heal more, but there’s an argument to be made (like this one by ‘HerefoyoBunz’) that Lifeweaver’s role is all about last-minute saves and protecting squishier allies.

So, for now, we’ll just have to wait and see how drastically Overwatch 2 changes Lifeweaver. We know this developer isn’t afraid of making drastic alterations, and this control scheme update is an example of that. So, we could see some huge changes coming to our Overwatch 2 tier list soon. But, at least controlling Lifeweaver will be easier, whatever happens.

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We know Overwatch 2’s Intergalactic Smuggler Ashe skin is grossing us out, but the Season 4 update hasn’t been a bad one for the free-to-play shooter. This game still has the potential to be one of the best competitive FPS games out there and these Lifeweaver updates are a step in the right direction. You do have to wonder why Blizzard shipped Lifeweaver in the way it did; Overwatch 2’s Lifeweaver also has an alarmingly big hitbox to dispose of. We’re hoping there will be some balancing changes to address that soon, though.