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Overwatch 2’s Lifeweaver has an alarmingly big hitbox to dispose of

Support hero Lifeweaver is fresh in the Overwatch 2 heroes roster and their presence is already worrying veterans of the Blizzard Entertainment multiplayer FPS.

Lifeweaver support hero in Overwatch 2

Mastering each Overwatch 2 hero is an art form in itself. We’re all looking for that hero that just clicks perfectly with our own playstyle and the new support hero Lifeweaver could be that hero for some players. Though the latest Overwatch 2 character is yet to appear in battle, some players are inspecting the finer nuances of Lifeweaver within the game’s training grounds – leading to some early concerns.

The arrival of any Overwatch 2 hero is a special occasion and Redditor ‘Lil_SmileFPT’ is marking Lifeweaver’s inclusion in a unique way. “Do you think Lifeweaver’s hitbox is too big to have 200 HP with no combination of Shield or Armor?” asks the Overwatch 2 player. They posit that “the flower petals on his back are part of his hitbox” as they look toward other players for consultation. Pictured on the bottom row, second in from the right, Lifeweaver officially arrives in the game with Overwatch 2 Season 4 release date.

To illustrate the picture of Lifeweaver’s abilities within the Overwatch 2 hierarchy, the 37th hero is able to heal players through death – by dropping a consumable item that nourishes players in need. Along with other abilities that give Mercy and Lucio a run for their money, Lifeweaver’s towering design could be an issue that prevents players from choosing him.

“Snipers and flankers are going to give him an extremely bad time. Especially Sombra as she counters a lot of his abilities, she can hack his flower platform to break it immediately, and her EMP can also destroy the tree from his ultimate immediately,” claims the Redditor. In response players like ‘The_Void_124‘ say “definitely, without the petals on his back being part of his hitbox then maybe 200 HP would be alright, even though he’d still probably be the support with the biggest hitbox.”

Do you think Lifeweaver’s hitbox is too big to have 200 HP with no combination of Shield or Armor? (The flower petals on his back are part of his hitbox)
by u/Lil_SmileFPT in Overwatch

Some players like ‘scottyLogJob’ believe that altering Lifeweaver’s character model size could be a feasible way of justifying his HP: “Why is he bigger than Junker Queen? Compare the size of his head to the size of Symmetra’s head, it’s like he’s just improperly scaled up. Remove the flower hitbox (which doesn’t make sense) and make the rest of him smaller.”

Developer Blizzard Entertainment is yet to address whether Lifeweaver’s stature could receive alterations. As the character isn’t available to use in battle just yet, it remains to be seen whether their hitbox will present further issues.

However, it wouldn’t be the first time in Overwatch history that a new hero arrives with a meta shakeup. Lifeweaver has already drawn comparisons to Roadhog, giving players a more disruptive choice within the lineup of support characters.