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How to earn Battle Pass XP fast in Overwatch 2 to level up?

Jumping into Overwatch 2 but levelling up your battle pass slowly? Here are some tips on how to earn battle pass XP fast in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Earn Battle Pass XP: Mei and other characters can be seen fighting in a map

Overwatch 2 has changed up its progression system pretty significantly as you are now pushed towards the Battle Pass. This new addition means that a lot of your progress with each season relies on ranking up that Battle Pass and getting its rewards. But, how can you earn Battle Pass XP fast in Overwatch 2 to level it up?

Thankfully, Blizzard makes it so that a lot of easy XP for the Battle Pass can be earned day-in and day-out rather than all in one lump go. This has its benefits as it means progression throughout it should remain consistent. But, if you want to play a ton in short bursts, you might not find yourself ranking the Battle Pass up very much.

So, below you can find our tips for how to earn Battle Pass XP fast in Overwatch 2. We also touch on how the mechanics to earn that XP work and exactly how much you can expect from all of them.

How to earn Battle Pass XP fast in Overwatch 2?

There are a few key ways to earn battle pass XP fast in Overwatch 2 currently:

  • Complete Daily Challenges
  • Complete Weekly Challenges
  • Complete Seasonal Challenges
  • Complete Lifetime Challenges

Blizzard has designed the battle pass progress to be more focused on completion over time rather than basing it around skill level or performance. As such you can play as much Overwatch 2 as you want, but in reality, you aren’t going to be levelling up your battle pass any faster as you only earn a small amount of Battle Pass XP after each match.

Below, you can find a bigger overview of Overwatch 2’s different challenges and how they reward differing amounts of Battle Pass XP.

Overwatch 2 Earn Battle Pass XP: Multiple heroes can be seen fighting

Completing Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges are the simplest way to get Battle Pass XP and get a lot of it. Completing your first three daily challenges each day will reward you with 3,000 Battle Pass XP for each one totalling 9000 XP. Almost all of these are easy tasks and you are given far more than just three to complete so you can pick and choose. Some examples include:

  • Win a game
  • Mitigate 1,000 damage
  • Complete three games in Role Queue
  • Heal 15,000 damage

Overwatch 2 Earn Battle Pass XP: Kiriko can be seen throwing her Kunai

Completing Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenges are more robust and a greater commitment than daily ones. They ask you to devote some time to playing the game’s modes and some ask for you to perform pretty well. They do however offer a mighty 5,000 Battle Pass XP, for a total of 55,000 XP up for grabs each week. Some of the challenges include:

  • Win ten games
  • Complete seven games as heroes not in your top three most played
  • Win 10 games in Unranked of Competitive play

Overwatch 2 Earn Battle Pass XP: The robot can be seen in push mode

Completing Seasonal Challenges

There are far more Seasonal Challenges than there are Daily or Weekly ones. But, they only offer up 1,000 Battle Pass XP upon completion. However, there are some easy ones tucked away in here for you to complete before they reset every nine weeks. These challenges are more specific and require you to spend a lot of time playing Overwatch 2. Some of the challenges include:

  • Win 3 games in Esperanca
  • Earn 5 eliminations from the train near the capture point on Midtown
  • Win 50 games in any Competitive mode.

Overwatch 2 Earn Battle Pass XP: Lucio can be seen wallrunning

Completing Lifetime Challenges

Lifetime Challenges are the last resort to earning XP fast as they can only be completed once and their payouts aren’t that large. Most challenges will only get you 500 Battle Pass XP if any XP at all. But, they can be a nice bonus as they ask you to complete small tasks. These include:

  • Win a Dual Game
  • Win a CTF game
  • Win a Team Deathmatch game

And that covers our key points on how to earn battle pass XP fast in Overwatch 2 to level up the season’s battle pass and new yourself all the rewards before it is too late, including the season’s Mythic Skin. If you are jumping into matches and want more tips, check out our Overwatch 2 competitive guide which covers everything you need to know about the hardcore mode.