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Best Overwatch 2 Support characters and heroes

Are you looking for the best Overwatch 2 support characters and heroes? Here is who you should be playing if you are drawn to the role

Overwatch 2 Best Support Characters Heroes:

Overwatch 2‘s support role is built for those who want to be a team-player. With characters focused on healing or providing buffs to your allies, the game’s support heroes are some of the hardest to use. However, mastering them can lead to a lot of success. As such, we have pulled together a list of the best Overwatch 2 Support characters and heroes.

The heroes in this guide are the ones that are at the top of the Overwatch 2 meta right now and really outdoing their fellow Support characters. This list will change and be updated over time as the best characters change, so be sure to keep coming back if you are looking to main a Support or enter Competitive as a Support.

Check out our overview of each character and guide below for why these best Overwatch 2 support characters and heroes are standing out currently.

best Overwatch 2 Support characters and heroes

The best Support heroes in Overwatch 2 are:

  • Ana
  • Moira
  • Kiriko

Overwatch 2 Best Support Characters: Ana can be seen sniping


Ana might be one of the older heroes in Overwatch 2, but she is by far one of the most powerful, especially in the support class. Her long-range ability to deal damage or heal allies puts her in a better place than some of the other healers in the game that need to be up close.

And, the addition of a sleep dart adds a close-range or a medium-range back-up to incapacitate allies. Alongside targeted healing, Ana can also produce area-of-effect healing through her Biotic Grenade, which can prevent enemy healing as well. Finally, Ana has the power to help push a charge through with a shot that can increase an ally’s damage, helping a tank or DPS hero deal a significant amount more damage if they are trying to take an objective.

Overwatch 2 Best Support Characters: Moira can be seen holding out both her hands


Moira has seen a pretty big initial burst of usage in Overwatch 2 during its initial release. They have become one of the most effective support characters due to their up-close power and ability to drain health. With  Biotic Grasp, they are able to heal allies and damage enemies, in addition to having a long-range beam that can improve their reach as a character.

With how many tight rooms and halls as there are in Overwatch 2’s maps their Biotic Orb is one of their strongest abilities, able to ricochet and disrupt enemies. Fade makes Moria invulnerable and allows them to disappear from sight and move around the map, escaping danger or getting back to allies. Finally, Coalescence is the ultimate healing beam for long corridors, firing a beam that heals in a straight line or a beam that damages in a straight line.

Overwatch 2 Best Support Characters: Kiriko can be seen throwing a Kunai


Kiriko may be brand new for Season 1 of Overwatch 2, but she is already a healer to be feared. With her Healing Ofuda in hand, she is able to channel a burst of healing talismans that automatically seek out allies. And, when paired with Swift Step she can get around the map quickly in tandem will her passive skill to wall climb.

To help her out in the damage department though, Kiriko has a Kunai in her back pocket that can deal increased critical damage and help pinpoint target enemies, when she isn’t healing her allies. Then, her Protection Suzu allows her to throw a protective charm to make allies invulnerable for a brief period, but it also cleanses negative effects, which is a huge boost! Finally, Kitsune Rush is the cherry on top of Kiriko’s kit boosting her movement speed, as well as allies attack speed, movement speed, and cooldowns!

So as you can see, Overwatch 2 has given its support heroes a lot of love since the first game was released in 2016 and a lot of them have received big kit reworks or changes. But, if you take one of these best Overwatch 2 support heroes into a fight you should be more than capable of surviving yourself or being a valuable teammate for your allies.