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Overwatch 2 actually tested this wild anti-Mei mechanic

We know Blizzard isn't against reworking Overwatch 2 heroes when they need it, but the hero shooter's development team has actually tested an anti-Mei grenade.

Overwatch 2 anti-mei magentic grenade: an image of the character from the FPS

We don’t know about you, but sometimes you really just don’t want to play against a Mei in Overwatch 2. With the ability to utilise an Endothermic Blaster to slow and damage enemies, to create a ten-foot ice wall that blocks pathways and sightlines, and to surround herself with invulnerable ice in order to self-heal, she’s something of a trouble-maker for players looking to push payloads and capture points. Of course, Mei isn’t always unkillable; a solid selection of counter-picks and well-timed abilities will make short work of her walls. But, what if there was a simpler way to tackle her? Well, the Overwatch 2 development team has teased fans with the prospect of an anti-Mei ability in the form of an updated Cassidy Flashbang.

Taking to Twitter via the official Overwatch 2 social media profile, the development team “couldn’t help but test” a Magnetic Grenade rework for Cassidy where the grenade itself will – and we quote – “find Mei anywhere on the map and immediately eliminate her”.

Now, we know what some of you might be thinking – and we certainly agree that it’s hard not to find this a little hilarious. However, it’s certainly something that isn’t going to be implemented in the next set of Overwatch 2 patch notes.

While that is a bit of a shame, it’s still a sight to behold. So, if you want to see a rough test of what an anti-Mei Magnetic Grenade looks like, you can check it out below:

Interestingly, this doesn’t look like it was the only element of the hilarious suggestion for this rework. Interestingly, Overwatch commercial leader Jon Spector has shared the original suggestion with the world – which actually originated from an Overwatch 2 meme group on Facebook – and it reveals that the original idea would also completely uninstall the game for the Mei player.

That might be a step or two too far, but there is some merit when it comes to introducing a more aggressive homing mechanic to Cassidy’s Magnetic Grenade; although, it would really need to be a little weaker and not insta-kill the target. In Mei’s case, at least, she would be able to use Cryo-Freeze to protect herself – provided there’s some audiovisual cue that a Magnetic Grenade is flying at you.

So, while we’re pretty convinced that Rainbow Six Siege should adopt this useful Overwatch 2 feature, we’re not quite as sure an anti-Mei Magnetic Grenade is the best way to deal with the climatologist in-game. However, after finding out that Overwatch 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 might be set at the same time, we’re not wholly against it.