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No Man’s Sky update teases an icy expedition for PSVR 2 explorers

Hello Games managing director Sean Murray is teasing the next No Man's Sky update, which could be a winter-themed expedition for PS5 and PSVR 2 players.

Astronaut exploring space in No Man's Sky

Few games have risen from the ashes like No Man’s Sky, and developer Hello Games is teasing a new update for PS5 and PSVR 2 players. The sci-fi extravaganza has seen an abundance of features improve the game, with several No Man’s Sky expeditions unravelling new corners of the galaxy. However, there is still fresh planetary ground to cover. Hello Games managing director Sean Murray teases what’s ahead for the future of the game.

Just like the galactic mysteries of No Man’s Sky itself, Hello Games managing director Sean Murray keeps his teases for DLC cryptic. That tradition continues on social media, as Murray has begun teasing the next update – and he isn’t even using words to do it. Yes, Murray tweeted out a simple yet cunning clue in the form of a snowflake emoji and fans of the game are banding together to solve its meaning.

Twitch streamer ‘DansGaming‘ say “I think this means the next update is going to be cool or there is snow way we will want to miss it.” Another commenter, ‘Intergalactic Geo‘, adds that “snow world improvements would be cool! I’d like to see some more variation in that type.” 

Calls for refinements to the game’s weather system have been requested by the No Man’s Sky community before, with Redditor ‘DJSushiCat’ positing: “I’d love to see planets with multiple biomes to reflect different areas of the world. Like snow-capped mountains.”

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The tease comes alongside the No Man’s Sky PSVR 2 release date, as the game joins the list of all the upcoming PSVR 2 games. No Man’s Sky was available on the previous iteration of PSVR, but with PSVR 2 dropping on February 22, it’d make sense for Murray to unveil fresh plans before then.

No Man’s Sky sleuths like YouTuber ‘Jason Plays‘ are already deciphering Murray’s intentions. However, the YouTuber thinks a wintery update isn’t in the stars: “I don’t think it means a snow or winter update, I think it’s going to be a little more obtuse […] back in October 2020 we got an orange emoji from Sean Murray […] the orange emoji turned out to be the origins update.”

Jason Plays feels that the snowflake is “unique” and that players could speculatively see a “customisation update […] I think we’re gonna see a customisation overhaul for our characters, so more armours and helmets, things like that.” Along with ship and weapon changes, the YouTuber stresses that this is just a hypothetical scenario.

What is Sean Murray putting together? We can’t wait to find out, so we’ll let him cook. In the meantime, check out The Loadout’s PSVR 2 review for our verdict on Sony’s latest piece of kit.