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Nintendo Switch sports game Retro Goal is like 16-bit Football Manager

If you're a football fan on Nintendo Switch fed up of FIFA 23 and dying for a Football Manager hit, Retro Goal might answer your prayers

Retro Goal Nintendo Switch: A screenshot of a 16-bit soccer game

For soccer (real name: football) fans on the Nintendo Switch, things are pretty dire. After all, the FIFA 23 Legacy Edition is a reskin of a reskin, and Mario Strikers Battle League doesn’t exactly allow you to go on cup runs with your favourite team. However, your luck may be about to turn, as 16-bit soccer sim Retro Goal is coming to Switch just in time for the FIFA World Cup later this month.

Already a popular mobile game, Retro Goal will now be hitting the Switch with updated controls for the Joy-Cons. Retro Goal involves both arcade-style gameplay during a match and some light-touch team management once the final whistle blows, so no matter where you sit on the FIFA vs Football Manager spectrum, you’ll be catered for.

Retro Goal features almost 500 teams from 24 of the world’s top football leagues that you can choose to lead to glory.

The 16-bit art style – similar to that used in developer New Star Games’ NFL-inspired Retro Bowl – is also a throwback to early sports sim titles.

“Retro Goal is our love letter to 16-bit football, an effort to capture the gorgeous look of 90s videogames whilst bringing the gameplay up to date for modern devices,” says New Star’s founder Simon Read. “Seeing our games on Nintendo hardware is always a thrill and Retro Goal plays so nicely on Switch.”

While those on other consoles will be able to enjoy the FIFA 23 World Cup mode during the competition, Retro Goal might provide the footy fix for Switch players.