Is New World on Xbox? – can you play Amazon’s new MMO on console?

Will Amazon's new MMO New World come to Xbox consoles in the future?

Is New World on Xbox: two characters can be seen fighting.

New World has been a massive success since its launch in September, reaching more than 800,000 concurrent players and having to expand its servers to accommodate everyone. However, some of those who wish to explore the world of Aeternum on console want to know ‘is New World on Xbox?’

The MMORPG comes complete with a full PvE experience, a PvP mode, and dozens of weapons for players to take a hold of so they can take on the game’s enemies. As well as the combat side of the game, you can purchase a house to take some much-needed respite and spend your time just exploring the many fields and caves in Aeternum.

It’s a fabulous and popular MMO, but can you enjoy New World on Xbox? Read on to find out more about a possible New World Xbox release which players hope will bring the world of Aeternum to their Microsoft consoles.

Is New World On Xbox?

New World is not on Xbox and there are no signs that it will come to the console in the future.

Amazon has only announced plans for the PC version of the game, which is available now. We could see a push towards an Xbox release on New World in the future if the game is successful on PC, but chances are this won’t be for at least a year or two, while the PC version is fine-tuned.

The game would also need a lot of changes to make the menu and systems work on a controller, especially when it comes to navigating systems like the Factions.

There you have it, everything we know about a New World Xbox release as of right now. While this has hopefully answered your questions about ‘is New World on Xbox?’ why not check out some of the best Xbox Series X games on the system.