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NBA 2K24 Embiid rating - a dip for the MVP

The 76er's Joel Embiid is one of the true basketball elites, but off the back of an MVP season, what is the NBA 2K24 Embiid rating for this year's game?

What is Joel Embiid’s NBA 2K24 rating? As launch closes in, the NBA 2K24 ratings are already being revealed and some of the league’s top players have already been confirmed. To the surprise of absolutely no one who watched the NBA last season, the 2023 NBA Most Valuable Player happens to be one of the six best players in this year’s game. The NBA 2K24 Embiid rating has now dropped along with several top players, but even an MVP season couldn’t keep this center from sliding down the board.

The Philadelphia 76ers have become consistent playoff contenders since Joel Embiid arrived, and the Cameroonian has slowly cemented himself as one of the best in the world. While he wasn’t able to snag the top spot among the NBA 2K24 ratings, Joel Embiid isn’t far behind and could easily make that change when ratings updates roll in based on real-world NBA performances later this year.

NBA 2K24 Embiid rating

The confirmed NBA 2K24 rating for Joel Embiid is 96. This represents a -1 downgrade compared to the 97 rating he achieved in last year’s game, but still makes him the joint-second highest-rated player in the game.

NBA 2K24 Embiid: Embiid can be seen

It may have taken a few years for Joel Embiid to hit his stride with the Philadelphia 76ers, but once he did there was no going back. After hovering in the high 70s from NBA 2K15 to NBA 2K17, Embiid hit 90 OVR at launch for NBA 2K18 and hasn’t dipped below with a launch rating since then. This also aligns with the rise of the 76ers, as five straight seasons of missing the playoffs came to an end in 2018 when Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons helped lead the team back into contention.

NBA 2K24 Embiid rating: Joel Embiid in a blue basketball jersey with his arms outstretched

In the years since then, Embiid has become a cornerstone of the franchise and one of their most reliable players. Unfortunately, that hasn’t always translated to success in the playoffs. Despite six straight NBA Playoffs appearances, Embiid has yet to carry his team farther than the Eastern Conference Semifinals. While they stayed in the fight through most of the series against the Boston Celtics, an historic playoff career-high 51 points by Jayson Tatum (breaking a record for most points in a Game 7 set just weeks earlier by Steph Curry) squashed those hopes and ended the Philadelphia 76ers season with a disappointing 88-112 defeat.

There’s no denying Embiid’s regular season performance made him deserving of being named 2023 NBA Most Valuable Player, but their inability to make it to the dance likely contributed to his NBA 2K24 rating being a slight downgrade. The top ten NBA 2K24 ratings were among the first revealed, and they understandably slotted NBA Finals MVP Nikola Jokić at the top with a 98 OVR rating. As a result, the NBA 2K24 Embiid rating has to settle for second place at 96 OVR, tied with Giannis Antetokounmpo, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry.

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While it’s certainly not bad company to keep, it may still be disappointing when Embiid achieved a 97 OVR in NBA 2K23 at launch after an impressive (but not quite MVP caliber) season. Fortunately, players who prefer to use Embiid and/or the Philadelphia 76ers will still be able to rely on the ratings reflecting his scoring prowess. En route to his second straight NBA scoring title, Joel Embiid has been lighting it up on the court and knocking over Wilt Chamberlain franchise records like they’re dominoes.

According to 2Kratings.com, this is definitely reflected in his NBA 2K24 stats. Not only is the NBA 2K24 Embiid rating among the highest overall, he’s also got a near-perfect 98 rating in Shot IQ, Offensive Consistency, Hands, and Intangibles. His ratings for Close Shot, Mid-Range Shot, Post Hook, Post Fade, Post Control, and Draw Foul all sit in the high 90s as well. Playmaking will be Embiid’s weakness in NBA 2K24, with low ratings in Pass Accuracy, Ball Handle, and Speed with Ball. Similarly, his Defending shows an abysmal Steal rating and similarly low ratings in Perimeter Defense, Lateral Quickness, and Pass Perception.

However, the good news is that Joel Embiid isn’t exactly a black hole of prowess in these areas. Despite those duds, he’s got a solid 82 in Pass IQ, 83 in Block, and very impressive 96 ratings in Interior Defense and Help Defense IQ. While there’s still some room to grow for the 29-year-old defending Most Valuable Player, the NBA 2K24 ratings continue to validate his spot among the best in the league today.

Hopefully, for those going hard on NBA 2K24 MyTeam this year, we get lots of amazing special cards for Embiid throughout the new season. 2K24 is shaping up to be one of the best sports games of the year, and Embiid will stand out as one of the top players once again.