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NBA 2K23 early access - can you play early ahead of release

Are you looking to know if there is anyway to get NBA 2K23 early access? Here is what we know about 2K's release plans for this year's game

NBA 2K23 Early Access: a player can be seen dunking the ball

2K has given players a chance to go hands-on with NBA 2K games ahead of its release for the past few years. But, with NBA 2K23 making some leaps forward for the franchise is that the case again? Will there be NBA 2K23 early access?

Well, 2K has left things rather late this year when it comes to all the main marketing and reveal beats for NBA 2K23. And, as we approach the release date, the team have been quiet on how and where you will be able to play.

So, can we expect to get NBA 2K23 early access in the coming days before the game releases? Find out below.

NBA 2K23 early access

NBA 2K23 does not offer any kind of early access for players. There is no way to play before the game releases on September 9, 2022, on any platform. 2K has not announced a Prelude download like in previous years and they have not signalled there will be a trial either.

The game will also not offer any kind of trial or prelude allowing players to get a glimpse of this year’s game ahead of release. So, it looks like this year you are out of luck if you want to get your hands on NBA 2K23 ahead of its release date.

NBA 2K23 is shaping up to have a lot for players no matter what platform you play on and there is a host of returning and new modes. Now you know if there is NBA 2K23 early access, check out our rundown of the NBA 2K23 soundtrack, NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenges, and NBA 2K23 badges which you can get.