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Naraka Bladepoint characters - every hero you can play as

Curious about all the Naraka Bladepoint characters? Here are the ones you can play as, when you compete against others in the battle royale

Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Valda Cui can be seen in art for the game.

Naraka Bladepoint has a solid selection of characters to choose from when you hop into the battle royale. From magic wielders to traditional fighters, there are a number of vastly different Naraka Bladepoint heroes that could be your new main as you begin checking out the game.

24 Entertainment has added heroes since the game initially launched on PC and that is set to continue as the game moves to new platforms and brings in new audiences. Heroes are the bread and butter of almost any multiplayer, battle-royale game and Naraka Bladepoint doesn’t shy away from making each one distinct from one another.

If you want a quick rundown of who everyone is before you hop in then look no further. This article has an overview of all the Naraka Bladepoint characters that you can play and choose to fight as.

Naraka Bladepoint characters

There are 12 Naraka Bladepoint characters to choose in the game. They are:

Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Justina Gu can be seen in art

Justina Gu Character

Justina is a cold killer and a key counter character that uses her strength to freeze her foes.

Justina’s kit is focused on halting enemies where they are and using that advantage to decimate them.

Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Kurumi can be seen in art

Kurumi Character

Kurumi is known as the Flower of Helioth and is naturally gifted. From an ancient line of Ommyoji masters, she set out from her homeland and embarked on an adventure of a lifetime.

She is mostly focused on healing and support, rather than traditional one-on-one fighting.

Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Matari can be seen calling to a bird

Matari Character

Matari’s skills have been honed by the desert storms and as such she is as swift as a flacon. After mastering an ancient secret art, she now roams the ruins.

Her skills and abilities focus on stealth and taking an enemy by surprise.

Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Takeda Nobutada can be seen in art

Takeda Nobutada Character

The Demon Takeda Nobutada is the demon vessel, a blade built with defence and aggression in mind as he embraces his evil powers and strength.

Able to take on opponents with both his proficiency in defence and offence, Takeda Nobutada is a hero that can withstand a tough attack.

Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Tarka Ji can be seen in art

Tarka Ji Character

Tarka Ji is known as The Loyal Drunk, but behind the facade is a man with a love of freedom. His spirit lends him strength and allows him to take on hardship and power through it.

Tarka Ji has a high amount of mobility but is also able to withstand attacks and power through heavy strikes.

Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Temulch can be seen in art

Temulch Character

Temulch’s full inner power has yet to be unlocked, but when it is, furious gales will pass over the grasslands. The power Temulch seeks is so strong and he strikes hard to try to obtain it.

With great zoning potential on enemies, he can displace and hurt foes while using his power to gain an advantage.

Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Tian Hi can be seen in art

Tian hai Character

Tianhai travels around the world, which led him to discover his true calling. That calling: to save the world at any cost. Those than stand in his path will fall.

Tianhai is a great all-around pick in Naraka Bladepoint and he can excel with physical attacks and defending against them.

Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Valda Cui can be seen in art

Valda Cui Character

Valda Cui is one of the most talented figures full of plans and ambition and her mastery of water has lent to her strength at seas.

Valda Cui is Naraka’s water-wielder and is skilled with long-range melee weapons and able to bind and control enemies with abilities.

Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Viper Ning can be seen in art

Viper Ning Character

As the Blind Blademaster of West Yushan, Viper Ning has long been suffused with lethal poison. Standing atop the precipice of all mankind, her strength is mighty, despite her eyes never being able to set sight on the world.

Viper Ning has deadly crowd control abilities and is able to push enemies away from here and disrupt their charge attacks.

Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Wuchen can be seen in art

Wuchen Character

His blood might be impure, but his abilities and prowess have allowed them to become the Heralds’ secret envoy.

Wuchen is another well-rounded pick in Naraka Bladepoint with swift skills and a number of buffs and debuffs that they can apply.

Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Yoto Hime can be seen in art

Yoto Hime Character

No one can evade the blows of Yoto Hime and her demon blade. Leaving a trail of corpses in her wake, she becomes weighed down with guilt after the dust has settled and carries the bloody burden around with her, controlling it.

Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Yueshan can be seen in art

Yueshan Character

Yueshan is a fierce warrior that posses a variety of powers and is based of Chinese history and the warring states period.

Yueshan is a versatile fighter in Naraka Bladepoint and can obtain a whole new suite of attacks as he powers up.

That covers all the Naraka Bladepoint characters available to play. For more on the game if you are just starting to play, read about how Naraka Bladepoint crossplay works so you can play with your friends.