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MultiVersus Twitch Drops streamers - who to watch to get early access

Curious about the MultiVersus Twitch Drops streamers and who you can watch to get access to the game? Here is everything you need to know

MultiVersus Twitch Drops Streamers: Wonder Woman can be seen lifting a weight

MultiVersus is almost about to launch and if you just can’t wait until the end of July, you have the chance to get access to the game up to a week early through Twitch Drops. And, there will be a number of MultiVersus Twitch Drops streamers for you to watch to qualify.

Watching these streamers for about 60 minutes will get you access to an early access code for the MultiVersus open beta, which also serves as the full launch of the game. This code will work for the early access period and also once the open beta goes live, with progression and unlocks carrying over, as well.

So, if you want to jump in and get access, continue reading to see the MultiVersus Twitch Drop streamers as new ones are announced. You can also find a walkthrough of how to link your Steam account to your WB Games account.

MultiVersus Twitch Drops streamers

The MultiVersus Twitch Drop streamers are virtually everyone who is streaming the game. Head on over to the MultiVersus category and start watching for 60 minutes before July 26, 2022, and you will get access to the beta.

However, you will need to link your WB Games account and Twitch account first, which can be done here by easily following the instructions.

You can then check your progress towards the 60-minute goal at the dedicated page on Twitch. Technically, you don’t even need to watch as you can have the stream on in the background and let the time tick away until you reach 60 minutes.

For more on MultiVersus as you jump into the game now, it is available, check out the full MultiVersus roster and the collection of MultiVersus maps you will brawl on.