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Collecting all the MultiVersus trophies will take hundreds of matches

Ahead of the open beta, the MultiVersus trophies and achievements have been revealed and you will need to play a lot of matches across all of the modes

MultiVersus Trophies Achievements: Batman can be seen holding Shaggy

MultiVersus is less than 24 hours away and the trophies for PS5 and PS4 have gone live, revealing a list that is fairly uninspired. The trophies and to the same degree the achievements (which will just remove the platinum), which ask you to complete a whole variety of matches, will really only be earned by the hardcore of hardcore MultiVersus players.

For example, ‘Run It Back’ asks you to accept 100 rematches. While other trophies ask you to knock players out of the ring like ‘Bun-Puncher Supreme’.

But, some of the trickiest trophies and achievements include ‘The Throne Is Yours’ which asks you to win 300 matchmade games. Yes, you can’t boost them it seems. ‘Party Animal’ requires you to have friends to play with as you will need to play 500 matches in a party. And, if you really want a challenge some other trophies require you to get hundreds of ringouts (knocking enemies off the stage) with a projectile, spike, and even double ringouts knocking two people off with one attack.

So, while you will work your way towards some of these cumulatively, in reality, you will probably need to play thousands of games of MultiVersus to earn all the trophies and achievements. After all, luck won’t always be on your side.

It is somewhat disappointing to not see more inventive trophies though, focused on the unique brand crossovers made possible with this fighter. Either way, you can see the full list of trophies and achievements here ahead of the open beta.

If you are looking to get early access ahead of the open beta on July 26, you can watch a number of MultiVersus streamers to earn Twitch Drops and begin playing from July 19.

So, if you want a heads-up on who to play as, be sure to check out our guide on the Multiversus roster and the list of game modes in MultiVersus to figure out which is up your alley.