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MultiVersus Rested XP system explained

Explaining some of MultiVersus' deeper systems is key to really understanding how the brawler works. This includes the MultiVersus Rested XP system

MultiVersus Rested XP Explained: Jake The Dogg can be seen dancing

Rested XP is one of the more unique systems and mechanics that MultiVersus introduces to the brawling experience. But, with the game being one of the best fighting games right now, you are going to want to properly learn the mechanic so you can make the most of it. Thankfully, this guide will explain MultiVersus’ Rested XP system.

Rested XP is a nice bonus system that rewards playing consistently rather than in large chunks occasionally. Alongside seasons and new challenges, Rested XP is one of the ways Player First Games tries to keep you coming back day after day.

So, if you want to fully understand the system so you can make the most of it be sure to read below. In this article, you can find an explanation of MultiVersus’ Rested XP and the best cadence for playing the game.

MultiVersus Rested XP system Explained

MultiVersus’ Rested XP system works by granting players more experience towards the battle pass for playing regular matches each day, with that bonus burning out as more matches are played.

Rested XP then recharges the longer you are away from the game in a period of time with a full recharge taking 24 hours.

MultiVersus Rested XP Explained: Wonder Woman can be seen in the menu, with the Rested XP bar at the bottom

This is shown by the red bar beneath the play icon in the menu, which lists the double XP towards the battle pass if you have it. That red bar will slowly burn away as you play more and more matches until you extinguish it and are just earning regular XP.

Rested XP isn’t a massively limited feature, with the double XP buff only being made available for a few matches. If you play a handful of matches every day at the same time of the day, the bar shouldn’t really ever deplete, which is great for ranking up the battle pass!

So, there you have it. That is how Rested XP in MultiVersus works. Overall it’s a really neat system that rewards player commitment, without asking for hours of your time each day and we hope to see more players take it up. So, if you are just getting acquainted with the game, take a look at our MultiVersus tier list to see who you should be playing.