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MultiVersus mods knocked out in fighting games’ latest patch

If you’re one of the fighting game fans out there looking forward to playing around with some MultiVersus mods, we have some bad news for you - they won’t work

MultiVersus mods stop launch update: an image of Samurai Batman and Space Velma

Player First Games’ free-to-play brawler MultiVersus hasn’t been out for that long, but it’s already talked about as being one of the best fighting games out there right now – and for good reason. However, it looks like the game’s growing modding community isn’t one of those reasons. Why? Well, it looks like the latest update has stopped the game launching with mods enabled – that wasn’t in the MultiVersus patch notes, was it?

Popular MultiVersus leaker and content creator ‘multiversusie’ shared the revelation with her followers and the world late August 17, just a matter of hours after game director Tony Huynh revealed that a MultiVersus update went out to address several issues with Iron Giant’s performance and attacks.

As you can imagine, the MultiVersus player community is less than pleased with this decision – however, there’s no information out there suggesting it was intentional, Unusually, Huynh – who is usually quite vocal on social media about everything coming and going in this fighting game – hasn’t mentioned mods at all. This could mean that the blocking of mods was-indeed intentional – which, let’s be honest, would be a shame.

Thankfully, if you’re someone who likes messing around with the MultiVersus roster, there are already a number of workarounds appearing online. Indie game developer ‘SolitaryScribbles’, for example, found one by altering the game’s local files on your computer. Of course, we don’t necessarily recommend this, but… There are ways to get around the issue, it seems.

If you’re sitting there waiting for mods to start working again, why not check out our updated MultiVersus tier list for a rough guide on who’s the best in-game right now. You can also check out all the active MultiVersus codes here and the latest on upcoming MultiVersus server maintenance right here. One of these updates has to re-enable mods, right? We hope so.