Future MultiVersus update could bring big LeBron ball buff

We don’t think LeBron’s bouncing basketball needs a boost, but a buff could be brought into play in a future MultiVersus update, says the game director

MultiVersus LeBron projectile ball buff: an image of LeBron in the Batcave

We know MultiVersus’ server maintenance can be a pain, but it’s clear to see that this is one of the best fighting games out there – you just have to look at the latest set of MultiVersus patch notes and all the balancing changes constantly being made to see that. If you think LeBron’s basketball is a little too… prone to popping in MultiVersus, you’ll be pleased to know that someone has let game director Tony Huynh know – and, he thinks a major LeBron ball buff is something the team can explore.

Tweeting the official MultiVersus account and Huynh, pro player ‘Shorkan’ asked the game director – and, by default, the wider MultiVersus community – their thoughts regarding the possibility of “making [LeBron’s] ball actually bounce on enemy projectiles instead of just getting destroyed”. With the amount of projectile based attacks in the game already, Shorkan’s concerns that LeBron players can’t make the most of this unique feature of his kit is somewhat understandable.

You’ll be pleased to know that Shokran isn’t alone – so if you feel like LeBron’s basketball bounces and breaks a little more than it should, you might be onto something. Responding to this, Huynh didn’t explicitly say that this LeBron basketball buff was bouncing into the next MultiVersus update – but, he did suggest that it might be something we’ll see soon.

In his own words, Huynh said that this is something Player First Games can explore. We know that doesn’t really mean a lot in isolation, but when you consider how responsive to player feedback the MultiVersus development team has been – and how many significant updates we have already seen introduced to the game – we don’t think it’s too outrageous to think that we could very-well see a LeBron ball bouncing off of Bugs’ blueberry pie projectile before too long.

But, while we wait for more information on that, you can find out about the MultiVersus Morty release date – and everything else you need to know about this plumbus-lover – right here. We also have the lowdown on all the active MultiVersus codes and a guide to MultiVersus’ arcade mode here. There’s enough to be getting on with right now, it just might be worth avoiding LeBron for a while.