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MultiVersus LeBron James guide - attacks, abilties, specials, and more

Are you looking for a full MultiVersus LeBron James guide that covers his attacks, abilties, specials and more? Then this article is what you need!

MultiVersus Lebron James Guide: Lebron James can be seen in art for the game

The final launch hero in MultiVersus‘ open beta will be LeBron James, with the basketball star joining the brawler once the game goes free-to-play. But, what are his attacks, abilities, and special moves? Well, this MultiVersus LeBron James guide will be the place to learn all of that.

LeBron James appears in his Space Jam: A New Legacy form, complete with the basketball jersey from the film and everything. So, this isn’t his first multiverse adventure. But, while he has encountered other characters before, the majority of his attacks will be centred around his basketball skills and his strength, rather than being a support class character.

So, if you want a complete overview of the character before you begin to play this fighting game read on below. This MultiVersus LeBron James guide will go in-depth on his attacks, costumes, perks, and more.

MultiVersus LeBron James Guide

LeBron James is the fifth Bruiser character in MultiVersus and his attacks focus on using his basketball to deal powerful attacks to opponents.

Passing the ball between his legs, at enemies, and dribbling it are the core of landing attacks with LeBron, while powerful slams and dunks can damage your opponents and send them flying. As a Bruiser character, he is one of the slower characters in the game focused on powerful attacks and dealing damage with a projectile, rather than melee.

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MultiVersus Lebron James Attacks

When it comes to LeBron Jame’s main attacks, they almost all focus on the use of his basketball and landing simple hits with it or his hands when he doesn’t have his basketball. None of these moves are particularly complex and they form the basis of most of his combos. LeBron’s main attacks are as follows:

  • Shoulder Check (Ground Neutral)- LeBron charges a shoulder check where he dashes forward, gaining armour throughout. Without a basketball, he will charge a push.
  • Make Room (Air neutral) – LeBron sweeps his basketball around his hips. Without a basketball, he pounds his chest pushing enemies away.
  • Dime Drop (Ground Side) – LeBron does a combo of swipes sending him into the air and ending with an alley-oop. Without a basketball, he will do a forward steal.
  • Check (Air Side) – LeBron will pound his basketball. Without a basketball, he will do a forward steal.
  • Take It To The Rim (Ground Up) – LeBron spins his basketball on his finger. Without a basketball, he will leap upward and sipe.
  • Alley-Oop (Air Up) – LeBron will alley-oop his basketball. Without a basketball, he will swipe overhead.
  • Work The Floor (Ground Down) – LeBron sweeps his basketball around his ankles hitting multiple times. Without a basketball, he will slam his hands downwards.
  • Watch Your Head! (Air Down) – LeBron tosses his basketball through his legs. Without a basketball, he will swipe downward.

MultiVersus LeBron James: LeBron James can be seen slamming the basketball in a match

MultiVersus Lebron James Special Attacks

When it comes to Special attacks, this is where LeBron’s real power comes out as a Bruiser with powerful slams and hits that throw his basketball at enemies. LeBron James’ special attacks are:

  • Buckets! (Ground and Air Neutral) – LeBron will aim and then throw his basketball as a projectile. He can even aim behind himself. Without a basketball, LeBron will summon a new one. Cooldown applies to summoning a basketball.
  • L-Train! (Ground and Air Side) – LeBron will launch into the air and then dunk his basketball downward, creating a shockwave projectile on the ground that deals weakened damage and destroy his basketball. Without a basketball, he will shoulder charge forward. If LeBron’s ally has thrown his basketball and it has hit an enemy, LeBron will instead warp to the ball’s location then perform the dunk.
  • Got Hops (Ground Up) – LeBron will shoot his basketball upward as a projectile. He can charge to delay the throw. Without a basketball he will throw chalk upward.
  • Got Hops (Air Up) – Similar to on the ground, but LeBron will shoot upward before throwing the basketball. Without a basketball, he will shoot upward and swipe.
  • Denied! (Ground Down) – LeBron will slam his basketball as a projectile down into the ground, bouncing it into the air. Without a basketball, he will create a fence projectile that blocks incoming projectiles. If a projectile is blocked, LeBron will regain his projectile.
  • Denied! (Air Down) – Similar to on the ground, but LeBron will slam his basketball through a hoop before shooting it downward.

MultiVersus LeBron James Passive Abilities

LeBron’s passive abilities are that he can gain a basketball if he hits an enemy when he doesn’t have one. On top of that, his basketball projectile will attach to allies if he hits them with it. When that ally then does an attack they will shoot the basketball projectile in the direction of that attack.

Finally, if the basketball hits an enemy, it will bounce upwards, giving LeBron an alley-oop dunk opportunity.

MultiVersus LeBron James Skins

Alongside his main outfit, LeBron has one other skin called “Sheriff LeBron”.

MultiVersus Lebron James Guide: Lebron's Sherrif outfit can be seen against a yellow background

As you can see from this MultiVersus LeBron James guide, he is a formidable opponent who will have a lot of flexibility with his basketball as a projectile. For a full look at the MultiVersus roster check out our guide and see our MutiVersus tier list to guess where LeBron ranks.