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Fighting game fans all think same thing about LeBron in MultiVersus

Player First Games has called on the NBA and Tune Squad to add LeBron James to MultiVersus - it's safe to say fighting game fans are all thinking the same thing

MultiVersus impression reaction LeBron James: an image of two LeBron skins in MultiVersus

If you didn’t catch the MultiVersus announcement earlier in the week, Player First Games revealed that LeBron James would be coming to the crossover-heavy fighting game. Then, a matter of hours later, MultiVersus LeBron James joined the chat and was made available alongside the release of the game into a full open beta. Of course, LeBron James is the GOAT on the court, but how does he fare in a two-versus-two deathmatch against Velma Dinkley and the Iron Giant? How do MultiVersus fans and fighting game stars online feel about his inclusion?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that across the board players are pretty pleased about the basketball pro’s appearance on the roster – and a lot of players certainly know how good he is right now. However, there are some players a little confused as to why, out of all the IPs under the umbrella that is the Warner Bros Discovery conglomerate, Player First Games has opted to include the legend that is LeBron James over other characters.

Fighting game content creators like ‘Onestep‘, ‘MaximumDood‘, and ‘unCAGEDgamez‘ are among the majority of fans who expressed excitement about LeBron James’ announcement and early gameplay footage. However, they have both also expressed that they would have liked to see other characters from DC Comics or even Mortal Kombat make an appearance in-game ahead of him.

Similarly, content creators like ‘Caboose‘ and ‘Coney‘ have both seemed to enjoy playing as LeBron James in-game since his addition – with Coney even going as far as to say the character is “sick” with his reaction video’s title – something emulated by Brawlhalla pro player ‘Blaizzy‘ on Twitter. While he didn’t express quite as many emotions in said video, it’s still a good sign that this new character is being positively recieved by the community.

Going a step further, popular fighting game content creator ‘HungryBox‘ has labelled LeBron James as “OP’ in his video review on the newly-added fighter. This sentiment is shared online, in and amongst the memes that have followed LeBron’s release.

Me When Fighting Lebron Players Today from MultiVersusTheGame

However, whether LeBron James is as overpowered as people think remains to be seen. He’s only just come out and players around the world are still learning his movesets and counters. We have already found him a place in our MultiVersus tier list, though – and you can check out some simple-yet-effective MultiVersus LeBron James combos right here.

MultiVersus is shaping up to be one of the best fighting games available right now and it’s only going to grow. Do you think LeBron has what it takes to stay at the top of his game here, too? We hope so – he’s certainly a lot of fun right now.