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How To Taunt in MultiVersus

Are you wondering how to taunt in MultiVersus? Here are all four ways you can really infuriate your opponents in the middle of a match

MultiVersus How To Taunt: LeBron and Bugs Bunny can be seen taunting

Are you curious how to taunt in MultiVersus so you can make the enemies’ faces you are up against red with anger while they drip with blood after their defeat? Ok, that might be a bit too violent for the type of game MultiVersus is. But, the moves do allow you to at least make them a tad bit angrier as you play and wipe the floor with your skills.

Taunting also can be a way of celebrating as well, so after you land a satisfying double ring-out or win a game you can pull off a move, or do a little dance with LeBron, Bugs, Superman, Finn, and more.

So, if you really want that satisfaction, be sure to read on through this article. Below you can find a quick and easy guide for how to taunt in MultiVersus, no matter whether you are on PC or console.

How To Taunt in MultiVersus

To Taunt in MultiVersus you need to use one of the game’s emotes. This is done with the D-pad arrows on your controller or using the T, 2, 3, and 4 keys on PC.

These taunts can be done at the start of a match or at any point during it to really gloat and show off. They will, of course, stop you from attacking so you probably don’t want to be taunting right in the middle of a bout.

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