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MultiVersus’ frustrating hitbox bugs are getting fixed, dev promises

If you've noticed hitbox issues and bugs in MultiVersus, you're not alone; however, the game director has confirmed that Player First Games is working on it

MultiVersus hitbox bugs fix coming: an image of Shaggy in a Karate Gi and Bugs Bunny in a Tune Squad jersey

It’s safe to say that Player First Games’ free-to-play platform brawler is one of the best fighting games out there right now, but it’s far from perfect. Thankfully, the development team behind MultiVersus is keenly aware of the game’s issues and tirelessly works to mend them. If you’re wondering where MultiVersus’ broken hitbox issues are on Player First Games’ plate, game director Tony Huynh has offered some insight on Twitter.

If you don’t follow Huynh on Twitter, you may not know this, but he’s actually quite communicative with fans when it comes to game-altering bugs, breaks, and all manner of issues – as well as commenting on clean gameplay clips and fan art. So, in and amongst his comments on slick ring-out plays and his replies to the hundreds of MultiVersus skins and costumes requests, he has reassured fans that Player First Games are working on the issues currently plaguing the fighter.

This goes for the hitbox issues, too. In response to a tweet complaining about comically poor hitbox registration in-game from ‘GDSandstorm‘, a fighting game pro on his way to EVO 2022, Huynh confirmed that the developer was actively “testing a fix” for the issue on show.

Of course, there’s no telling whether this is a specific reference to the singular incident of poor hitbox registration shown or hitbox registration issues in general – however, we’re pretty sure the next set of MultiVersus patch notes will have more than one fix when it comes to hitbox issues.

Why? Well, Sandstorm is far from the only person playing to experience these issues – and, for a fighting game, they could spell a quick decline in active players if they’re not resolved. You can see just one other example below:

finn hitboxes are horrendous from MultiVersusTheGame

But, we are confident that Player First Games has this under control. Huynh is humble in his apologies to players and we should all remember that this game is still in its’ open beta phase. If the development team need a little more time to finesse the hitbox system in-game, then so be it. There are still a lot of big plans for the MultiVersus roster and the list of leaked characters for the brawler seems ever-growing.

Interestingly, Huynh has also said that the development team are going to be “addressing” the calls for a ‘show hitbox’ option in The Lab after these bugs have been squashed. While this doesn’t confirm the feature is-indeed coming, it does suggest that players could be getting hitbox visualisation in-game before too long.

So, while we know that a Bugs Bunny nerf is coming to MultiVersus after EVO 2022, we don’t know when exactly this hitbox registration issue is going to be fixed – and, it could be something players will have to manage for quite some time.