MK1 players use this Animal Crossing style method to get free skins

To avoid paying for Mortal Kombat 1 skins, players are turning back time to get free MK1 skins, similar to this Animal Crossing trick.

Mortal Kombat 1 free skins

Fancy new Mortal Kombat 1 skins can be a neat addition to your collection, but the price can begin to add up over time. The latest NetherRealm Studios fighter is brimming with all manner of cosmetics to acquire, but you can easily miss out on some of them if you’re not fast enough. Now, MK1 players are winding back the clock Animal Crossing style to get their hands on free MK1 skins.

Let us get you up to speed. Back when Animal Crossing New Horizons hit the scene, an age-old franchise trick saw islanders change the date/time on their Nintendo Switch, allowing them to capture specific bugs, catch rare fish, or harvest rare crops that only appear at certain times. Now, as players battle in one of the best fighting games of 2023, Mortal Kombat 1 like ‘iScreamFGC’ are using the same method to reap the rewards of previous MK1 Invasions content.

“ALL last seasons items can be purchased by changing the date on your PS5” they explain on social media. By altering your clock to represent a date before November 6, 2023, the MK1 player claims you can fool the game into believing all previous seasonal items, like ones available in the Pyramid Mesa challenges, are still up for grabs. Furthermore, they demonstrate the method in action, which you can view below. But what about other platforms?

According to Redditor ‘AdmirableEstimate258’, you can utilize this time travel method on Nintendo Switch, bringing us full circle back to that Animal Crossing trick. How satisfying, eh? “[I] tried the date glitch (October 13 is what I used) and went to Invasions, I did the first fight, and it gave me every skin in the Mesa,” the Redditor comments.

While some items are locked, like skin recolors, the Redditor does add that you can still earn the Order of Darkness Scorpion skin. If you’re looking to get the other recolor options, you’ll need to part way with some cash to acquire them.

You might notice that these date changes are important, as both take place before the update that saw the Mortal Kombat 1 Omni-Man release date become a reality.

Using the date switch Exploit you can get the Order of darkness scorpion for just going into the final Mesa (Info in the desc)
byu/AdmirableEstimate258 inMortalKombat

Microtransactions continue to be a divisive element of Mortal Kombat 1, so it is likely that NetherRealm Studios will patch this out imminently. So, don’t miss out some freebies in one of many new Xbox games currently available.